Oh, the Places You’ll Go in Kindergarten

Today is your day.
You’re off to Kindergarten.
It’s your very first day.

You have brains in your head,
And brand-spankin’ new Spiderman light-up shoes.
I offer to drive you,
But the bus is what you choose.

You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
As much as I want to be there to hold your hand,
YOU are the little one who’ll decide where to go.

I watch you get on that school bus so yellow.
And inside, I feel anything but calm and mellow.
“You’re too little!” I think.  “How did you turn 5 so fast?”
I’m forced to look forward, instead of to the past.

I know that you’re nervous, excited and scared.
And, trust me, your mother is all of those things, times two.
Just go right along, and have an open mind.
Everything will be fine.  Don’t worry.  Don’t stew.

‘Cause deep down I remember, all those ages ago,
In Kindy you’ll experience, flourish and grow.
And I know in my heart this is your time in the sun.
New friends, new skills, and new fun to be done!

Oh, the places you’ll go in Kindergarten!