Bring it on, Tooth Fairy. Bring it on.

It’s amazing how much hubub we parents make about our children’s teeth.

It begins even before they make an appearance, actually.

“She’s teething,” we say to onlookers in the restaurant, as we try to explain her unusual fussiness.

We give them cold washcloths and teething rings to gnaw on.  We rub Baby Orajel on their swollen little gums, and give them Tylenol in hopes that it will soothe away the crankiness.  We fuss over low-grade temperatures, and rush them to the doctor… only to be told that it’s probably … just … teething.

And when that first little nub of white pokes through, it’s quite a momentous occasion.

So I suppose it’s no wonder that losing your first baby tooth should be equally momentous.

For months, my daughter has been obsessed with losing her first tooth.  She’d gaze jealously at the gaping holes in her friends’ mouths.  It became almost a competition which one of her classmates would lose their teeth first.

She’d badger us with questions about the Tooth Fairy.

“How much will I get?” 

“What does the Tooth Fairly look like?” 

“Is the Tooth Fairy a boy or a girl fairy?”

So when that first tooth came out this morning, naturally, we made out like it was headline news.  We took pictures, and had her pose with her mouth open.  Because it’s a BFD when you loose your first tooth, you know.

And tonight, I readied the shiny gold dollar, inspired by my friend Sherri.   I placed the Hello Kitty necklace (because the Tooth Fairy always brings something special for the first tooth) in the box by her door.

And I couldn’t help but think about that first tooth coming in.

What took months to finally emerge… came out in less than a minute.  It’s the first of 20 little white vestiges of babyhood that will fall out over the next few years.  I have to admit, I got a little sad.

Tonight, the Tooth Fairy will bring it on.  And a little girl will wake up to find her tooth replaced by a little coin and cheap trinket.

I just hope the Tooth Fairy knows what a bargain he’s getting in that trade.  Because it isn’t just any tooth.

It’s my baby’s first tooth.

16 thoughts on “Bring it on, Tooth Fairy. Bring it on.”

  1. Gappy grins are beyond adorable. What I didn’t expect was how much different (and *sob* grown up) they look when those newer, bigger teeth slip into that gap!

  2. Oh, I love it! Tooth Fairy duty was the best…until that poor second kid came along and she became more forgetful. I still have one of those gold dollars I kept, just because it makes me smile…

    1. I thought of you today when we traipsed off to the dollar store to spend her loot, Sherri. I tried to convince her to hang on to her first Tooth Fairy dollar, but she was bound and determined to spend it…

  3. She looks so proud! What a milestone…for both of you.

    Our tooth fairy managed to slip some bribery into the congratulatory note left behind for the first tooth. Her payout is higher per tooth for clean teeth. Who knew?

  4. Aw! What a big moment for both of you! If I recall correctly, I lost my first tooth at the movie theater at summer camp…and I’m pretty sure I swallowed it. 🙁

  5. Love this! And you’re right– it is a BFD 🙂 When I was little my best friend Eileen told me how her brother lost a tooth & she snuck out of bed & saw their mother put money under his pillow. I told my parents the story & they asked, “So do you know who the tooth fairy is?” I said, “Yup. It’s Eileen’s mother.”

      1. Oh I don’t think anyone in particular broke the news.. I probably sort of discovered it when I was telling that story as a teenager. You know– about the same time I found out about Santa Claus 😉

  6. It’s happening to you, too, I see. Once the first one goes, they go like dominoes. The truly sad part is when they get excited and try to make a point while that gaping hole has them spitting like Daffy Duck!

    Cheap jewelry for the first tooth – that’s classic!

  7. Super belated, but I just had my son first and second tooth fall out at the beginning of the month and it was oddly momentous. Though I didn’t keep the teeth, because what was I going to do with it???

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