10 Days and Counting: The pity party commences

I don’t like it when my husband has to travel for work.

So, when he leaves, I often take the opportunity to throw myself a pity party.

I like to whine about the evenings that seem to stretch on.  And on.  And ooooonnnnn.

Or the weekends playing zone defense against Team “Let’s Drive Mommy Batty.”  I complain about the fact that I don’t get to pee by myself anymore.

Wait.  That last one happens all of the time. 

Oh yeah, where was I?

Poor me.

But the worst part about him being gone?  My kids miss him.  A lot.

And I’ve found that the number of times I’m asked, “How many days until dad gets home?”  seems to multiply exponentially with the number of days he has to travel.  Example:  When he travels for one day, I sometimes get asked the question once or twice.  Two days=5 or 6 questions.

So when I got wind that my husband was going to be gone for ten days this time, I did some quick calculations.  Approximately 526 questions.  My math might be a little off there.  But it’s definitely in the ballpark of 100’s.

However, I was prepared for this trip.  As soon as dad left yesterday morning, I came up with a brilliant strategy.  We pulled out a pad of sticky notes, and made a little countdown calendar.  Kind of like an advent calendar.  Except when you got to the end, there was no scary bearded guy coming down our chimney.  Just dad, coming home.

And, because I was feeling a little sorry for myself, I snapped a photo of our calendar, and posted it to my personal Facebook page.

T-minus ten days. But who's counting?

And then I sat back, and waited for my Facebook friends to shower me with well wishes and encouragement.  Because that’s what you do when you’re having a pity party, you know.

I did get a few sympathetic souls willing to play my little game.  Like this lovely lady:

(By the way, Old Tweener, I will send you my address later in the day.)

But some of my other friends seemed to take more interest in the weekly menu that was posted right next to the countdown calendar.  Those comments went something like this:

“I like your menu. Jay is missing out on some good grub!”

Or, “…At least you have some yummy meals planned. I assume J would never condone corned beef in January.”

Or, my personal favorite:

Yes, people.  My corned beef soup is delicious.  But the point of my Facebook post was not about our menu, but rather, about me and my pity party.  Sheesh.

For the record, my weekly menu planning was done before I realized I’d be flying solo this week.  I have a strict “no cooking” rule when Jay travels.  And by “no cooking,” I’m referring to the use of the stove, the oven, or any sharp knives.  The microwave, I can do.

So this morning, I reposted on Facebook a more accurate reflection of what we’ll actually be eating this week.

And now that the issue of the menu has been addressed, let the pity party recommence!

Those of you in the area are more than welcome to come join me for the festivities.  I would be grateful for the adult conversation.  And you can even stay for dinner!

I just hope you like Spaghettios.

19 thoughts on “10 Days and Counting: The pity party commences”

  1. Spaghettios is better accompanied by wine so, we do Chef’s beef mini-ravioli’s. It goes better with beer. 9 DAYS…better pace yourself.

  2. Awesome. You are wise, wise, wise. While I whole-heartedly support the no cooking rule (although that is coming from someone who, in general, doesn’t believe in cooking), I particularly like the no sharp knives component. Unless that sharp knife is what is needed to get the adult-beverage container open.

      1. Oh yes. And should the mimosas run out, I’m fully prepared to move on to Bloody Marys. Heavy on the vodka!

  3. I’m here for your pity party. I can not stand it when my husband is out of town. My deepest sympathy for you. And I fully appreciate your updated menu.

  4. This had me laughing so hard! I cannot believe that your FB friends are just so clueless. You need to have more of your bloggy friends on FB because we totally would have gotten it.

    Also, you are way too far away for an impromptu, beer bringing, pity part, so next time, please give me enough advanced notice to catch a flight out! Of course, then you’ll have to break your “no cooking” rule…but it’d totally be worth it. 🙂

  5. How did I miss this on FB? Are we not friends over there? OHMYGOD ARE WE NOT FRIENDS OVER THERE?

    But, I think we are. And it was probably me just be neglectful.

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