Antler Up

I can’t believe I missed it. 

The bloggy event of the year.

I’ve been so busy lately, I forgot to enter Taming Insanity’s Antler Up competition.

I’m so bummed about this, for several reasons:

  1. Besides the prestigious glory of being crowned Antler Queen 2011, the winner also was guaranteed a Starbuck’s gift card.  And with how much I’m dragging my feet this morning, the thought of a little extra caffeine sounds pretty good right now.
  2. I’m especially tired this morning, because I was up late last night working on a Typepad blog conversion for a certain-blogger-who-shall-remain-nameless.  And that nameless blogger?  Just so happens to be the guest judge for this competition.  I figured that, by this point, Poppy the nameless blogger is probably so annoyed by all of my moaning and whining about the evils of Typepad, that she’d proclaim me the victor on the spot… just so that I’d be quiet.  Or because she felt sorry for me.  I would have taken the win either way.
  3. I live in the same city as Poppy, so I had also planned on finding out where she lived, dropping by unannounced, and pleading my caffeine-addicted case in person.  But I didn’t get around to doing that, either.
  4. As if all of that wasn’t enough to cinch the prize, I had some pretty good antler fodder as well:

That’s right, people.  A handmade antler crown, made laboriously by my own daughter.  It had the cuteness factor going on, which I think would have held par even with Liz’s butt.

I think it’s safe to say, I had this competition in the bag.

It doesn't get much better than this. You blew it, mom.

Sigh.  I guess there’s always next year, right?

11 thoughts on “Antler Up”

  1. It’s perfect! You would have totally won. Especially since I was only to get pictures of sickly, sad looking reindeer and let’s face it, I was your main competition!

    You’ll kill it next year, I’ll remind you. :)

  2. Well, you know what they say – you hafta be in it to win it. By the way, is that a Hindi Antler crown? She is too cute.

  3. You know, no one had both antlers AND a nose. And the ability to suck up/threaten in person. That’s a powerful combination.

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