Richer by the Dozen

I’ve got a number on my mind today.  12.

It’s not a dozen eggs.  Although there are plenty of crack-ups involved.

It’s not a dozen donuts.  Although it is pretty sweet in my book.

It’s not the 12 pounds that I’ve gained, and can’t seem to shake off, post kids.  Although it does have some girth.

It’s not a dozen long stemmed, red roses.  Although one can always hope, can’t they?  Hint, hint, honey.

It’s not a half rack of beer.  We’ve gone through plenty o’ those over the years, though.

It’s not the months of the year.  It’s many months of many years.

It’s 12 years of marriage.

Twelve years of laughter, everyday life, ups, downs, a few tears, and endless fart jokes that I still laugh at even though I try not to.   I got pretty lucky when I married this guy a dozen years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Jay.  Love you.

2 thoughts on “Richer by the Dozen”

  1. How did I miss this?! Happy Anniversary to you two….and may the next 12 have just as many laughs, fart jokes, and beers as the first!

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