Keep Portland Weird

Portlanders are a weird sort of folk.

And I can say this without judgment.  Because I am one.

Personally, I think the weirdness might bear a strange correlation to the fact that we all have Vitamin D deficiencies.

You see, it rains here.  A lot.  Which is why I think it’s kind of funny that there are solar-compacting trash cans on every street corner in downtown Portland.  Really, how weird is that in a city that only sees the sun 2-3 months out of every year?

We also host an annual naked bike riding festival.  No, that’s not a typo.  Around here, thousands of stark-naked cyclists take to the streets every year in a glorious display of buttcheeks and two wheels.  You don’t get much funnier, or weirder, than that.  (Sidenote: this is why you should never buy a used bicycle in Portland).

And then there’s the bacon maple bars… kind of a Portland staple.  Given my love of bacon, you think I’d be all over that.  But, really, it just sounds a little weird to me.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me when I came home from work the other day to find something a little odd.

My kids.  In the kiddie pool in the back yard.

In and of itself, this wouldn’t have been particularly unusual.  It was a sunny day.  The first we’d had in a long time.

But it was also 63 degrees outside.

And, for my kids, that pretty much qualified as a heat wave that demanded some immediate cooling off.  So they cajoled their dad into lugging out the inflatable pool.

So while they showed off their webbed-feet-quirkiness with pride…

…I had to sit back and laugh.

While the rest of the country dove headlong into summer with legitimately hot temperatures, we Portlanders celebrated the arrival of summer with 60 degree weather.  And a kiddie pool to match the obscenely scorching weather.

Clearly, this sort of mindset can only be attributed to a Vitamin D deficiency.   Either that, or my kids (or their sense of temperature) are just a little bit weird.

Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, really.

We do live in Portland, after all.

9 thoughts on “Keep Portland Weird”

  1. I love Portland!

    Well, I’ve only been twice, but it was nice and green (that’s because it rains so much, retorted a resident).

    It was also freaking cold in May (2008).

    That is a an awesome pool. Your kids are so cuuuuuute!!!

  2. What kind of look was she going for there? Dino? Crazy portlander? Either way it’s hilarious. And I want to make out with that donut.

  3. Sixties sound nice to me. It’s been in the 100s a few days here. And the humidity is rough!
    I’d love to visit Portland. I don’t know if I could eat the bacon maple bar during the naked biking, but I’m not ruling it out.

    Those are some cute kids you’ve got there! Keep ’em weird!

  4. You live in Portland? I had no idea!

    Himself’s family is in Portland. We were there in May.

    And as much as his family would like us to move closer when the kids all finally abandon us for lives of their own, it may not happen.

    ‘Cause a 63 degree heat wave makes me want to cry!

  5. I <3 Portland, + its weirdness (bacon maple bars, etc.), – the rain (i can handle a 63 degree heat wave… just take the rain away).

    Love that shot of your daughter. She looks like she's having a ball!

  6. Sounds like summer in Alaska:) The other day Jackson told me he was SO HOT when it was only about 63 degrees.

    Maybe I could make a million dollars selling “Keep Anchorage Weird” bumper stickers…

  7. I can so, so relate to the Vitamin D deficiency!

    Love the pics and the dragon pool and the ahem used Portland bicycles warning.

    Love it all! XO

  8. Don’t think you’ll have much trouble keeping Portland weird.

    Naked bike race, huh? Sounds like a good image to conjure up for dieting.

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