These three words mean you’re gettin’ busy

Generally speaking, I’ve been a little AWOL lately.

Things have been a wee bit busy around here lately.  And today is no exception.

Because I’m not here.   Literally, at least.

In lieu of posting anything meaningful here today, instead, I’ll be:

  1. Rejoicing at the fact that I won the Nigerian lottery.  Again.
  2. Slaving away at my day job, trying to earn money to pay for this week’s ridiculously expensive veterinarian bill.
  3. Guest posting over at the home of the fabulous KLZ (as in, Taming Insanity).  I’m talking it back to the old school a little with this one, so you may just see some familiar lyrics in that post.  Whoomp!

If you’ve never been over to KLZ’s place, you’re in for a treat.  She’s smart, funny, and one of the most supportive women I’ve met while blogging.  Plus, she also happens to be my Fairy Blogmother.

So, please, go.  Visit!

There’s a party over there.  And you’re invited.