How to write the perfect pitch letter

When I started publicly blogging last year, I was pretty naive.   I had no idea that some people made money off this stuff.  Advertising.  Sponsorships.  Book deals.

Clearly, I had never heard of the Pioneer Woman.

I’ve never written here with the ultimate intent of making money.  First and foremost, I do this for me and for my kids.   However, I have to admit, the idea of monetizing something I spend a fair amount of time doing does have its allure.

My only problem?  Of the various unsolicited pitches I’ve gotten from different companies, none have appealed to me.  They just don’t seem to represent me, or what I feel comfortable promoting.

So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.  I’ve determined that maybe the best tactic is to approach brands that I want to work with, and sell my value to them.  With that, I’ve written a few pitch letters to various companies.

I’m thinking this kind of partnership would really be a win-win for both sides.

I just hope they realize what a good deal it would be for them.

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11 thoughts on “How to write the perfect pitch letter”

  1. Oh, you totally rocks these vlogs, girl! And I have to say I’m right on board with the brewing company promo, and not just because we’re roomies at BlogHer! OK, maybe it’s that.

    And bacon? Dear God, please can I be on board with that? If you could see my freezer right now…

  2. Wow, that’s bacon really bringing home the bacon. Is that, like, cannibalism in Baconville, you think? Let me know if the sponsors are knocking down your door – I’ll hop on the beer band wagon in a heartbeat.

    PS: Is that the new microwave oven?

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