The Greatest Hits: Volume II

I wish I could tell you about the latest musical escapades in our family.  But, sometimes, words just cannot do justice.

And so I will show you.

Or, rather, my kids will show you.  Be forewarned; this music is dangerously and obscenely catchy.

One guess which song has been stuck in my head over the past week.

Thanks for that, Justin Bieber.

14 thoughts on “The Greatest Hits: Volume II”

  1. If they weren’t so freakin cute, I would suggest a hefty round of anitbiotics to clear up that Bieber Fever. But in this case, just let it run it’s course.

    Btw, they were actually so cute that I was able to listen to 2:02 minutes of Satan Jr. without killing myself.

  2. You’re spreading Bieber-fever! Until your post I had no idea that song was Justin Bieber. I assumed it was some new chick from Australia.

    As for your beautiful kids dancing, at least they don’t need to place any “Caution” signs nearby!

  3. Plase explain to me :

    1) how your children are so tall

    2) how your house is so clean

    3) how I can get my child to sing hakuna matata so adorably

    4) why 2012 scares me even though I know it’s crap

    5) why David can’t change a toilet paper roll

    6) why children love bieber

    7) how bieber fever can be treated

    1. 1) They get it from their dad. That, and their love of bacon.

      2) I love that you called my house clean. LOVE.

      3) There’s a price to pay with that. And it involves watching the Lion King until you want to gouge your eyes out.

      4) I can’t help you with that one.

      5) I can’t help you with that one either. But when you find the answer, please advise stat, as I’m in the same boat.

      6) Because he sounds kind of like Elmo. And all kids like Elmo, right?

      7) Therein lies my dilemma.

  4. OK I LOVED this video! So well put together. And love the soundtrack, I’ve had Bieber fever for quite some time (I’m a Cougar like that :)
    Those kids are beautiful, and I definitely see a future in dance!

  5. Your clip is the most Bieber I’ve ever heard.

    I now totally hold you accountable for any fever that may be growing inside me…

  6. Those are some smooth moves those kids have got going. And I feel sure your husband can perhaps replace the Bieber fever by digging into his old cassette case and finding some Rat or maybe some Motley Crue. Not sure this is a better alternative, but it’s all I’ve got.

  7. Oh god! Now I know what my kid goes through! I HAVE BIEBER FEVER, my toddler screams “I don’t like Mommy to sing!” all the time. Why is she complaining?! She sings Yo Gabba Gabba ALL THE TIME!

    You’re kids are simply precious ;-)

  8. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been here! Life…eh?

    This was such an adorable video. Why do everyone else’s kids look so damn cute but mine make me crazy!

    We have yet to catch Bieber Fever, but we have been battling the Katy Perry cold.

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