When I was half my age

I’m taking a walk down memory lane tonight, thanks to the lovely Liz over at a belle, a bean & a chicago dog.  Her challenge?  Show us your most smokin’ hot picture from your senior year of high school.

As I was flipping through the old magnetic photo albums tonight, trying to carefully peel off the yellowed snapshots from the sticky pages, I realized two things:

  1. I’m pretty sure none of these pictures will rank high on the hottiness scales.
  2. Most of these pictures were taken at the halfway juncture of my life.  Meaning, I’m a little more twice as old now as I was when I graduated from high school.  You do the math on that one.  And, yes, I feel kind of old.

Without further ado, when I was half my age…

I embraced cheesiness.

When I was half my age, I had no athletic prowess whatsoever.  But I could do a mean snowplow.

But, apparently, what I lacked in athletic ability, I made up for in spades in the style department.  Pictures like this make me glad that “What Not to Wear” was not around 18 years ago.

Evidently, when I was half my age, I was also really short.  Or maybe I just chose friends that were really, really tall.

But, every once in awhile, I did clean up okay.  Although I’m sure my date had no idea that he’d be taking me AND my big hair to the prom.

Ah… to be 18 again.

What about you?  What were you like when you were 18?  Or, better yet,  link up your best #SeniorHottie pictures over at Liz’s place!

17 thoughts on “When I was half my age”

  1. Oh man, I love these! And the skiing clothes are just SO awesome! But your prom pic? Beautiful.

    What a trip down memory lane….and to be half your age? You had no idea it would one day be twice as good!

  2. I just tweeted this.

    Through tears.

    I CAN.NOT get past the What Not to Wear photo.

    Tears, I tell you!

    And the pose?

    Icing on the cake.

    You are AWESOME to link up!

  3. You were totally adorable, that ski outfit is amazing. I remember outfits like that… took hours to coordinate.

  4. Great photos. You are a beauty! Especially love the first one…lol. Oh, to be in high school again.

    Nice to meet you at BBC 🙂

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