Scarlett O’Hara might have had the right idea.

And, no, I’m not referring to her 17″ waist.  I have two kids, a fondness for jelly donuts, and a love of beer that will never make that possible.

But right now, I’m really buying into her famous quote: “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”  Genius, that lady.

I have stinky piles of laundry overflowing from the hamper.  But I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I have a toddler that has developed recurring vampire tendencies, who, more often than not, has been getting sent home from preschool with discipline notes.  Each day I pick him up, I wonder which victim he has chosen to sink his little teeth into.  But I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I have a day job that is currently causing me more stress than I’ve ever experienced in my 14-year stint at the company.  Some days, I feel like it may give me an ulcer.  Or drive me to drink more beer.  The latter might not be a bad thing, but my poor liver might beg to differ.  But, still, I’ll think about the day job tomorrow.

I have bills that need to be paid.  But I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I should probably open my Google Reader.  Or get back to the comments that people left me from posts I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  But I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Booyah blew chunks in the hallway downstairs.  I noticed it when we got home, and just didn’t want to deal with it.  So I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I need to buy cat food.  And toilet paper.  And Cocoa Puffs.  But I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Frankly, I’m just too wiped out right now to give a damn.

So, tonight, instead of doing all of the things I should be doing, I’m going to relax.  And think about the stuff that does mean something.

I will camp out at my vast plantation humble abode, and be thankful that we have a roof over our heads.  And that the roof is currently not leaking.  At least that I know of.

I shall be thankful that I’ve hooked up with a great group of bloggers… who don’t seem to be bothered by how sporadically I visit, or respond back to their comments.  They understand that I have a life outside of this blog.

I shall be thankful for Jay.  I love him, and in the midst of all of the chaos, I don’t tell him that often enough.

I will think about slobbery goodnight kisses and “I love you, mommy’s.”

And all of that other peripheral crap?  I can’t think about it tonight.  So I will think about that tomorrow.

Because tomorrow is another day.  Right, Scarlett?

15 thoughts on “Fiddle-dee-dee”

  1. I love your sporadically written posts! It’s always a nice surprise to find something from you in my reader.

    And for someone who’s so busy, you are my most often “new internet bloggy friend” commenter which is something I so appreciate.

    Can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow!

  2. I wonder if they make “fiddle dee dee” t-shirts. If not, I may just have to get a tattoo.

  3. Amen & well said! Take a breath, relax & focus on the stuff that makes you happy 🙂 You deserve it!

    And don’t worry about replying to this comment– I’m currently enjoying a non-leaky not-in-crisis moment myself. So I might not be reading anything anyway. 😉

  4. Oh how I wish I could have that philosophy! guilt and to-do lists haunt my every breathing moment!

    Fiddle dee dee.

  5. Oh, can I play Scarlett too?! I think she has the right idea for sure….so many things I’d rather think about “tomorrow”….

  6. Oh I hear you. There are just not enough hours in the day. And the whole biting thing? I totally went through that with my son. It was so bad and so stressful. I felt like i was getting the stinkeye every time I walked in the daycare to pick him up.
    Relax, have Jay help you with what he can do and you’ll get a handle on things.

  7. You make me laugh and want to hug you all that the same time!

    So….awwww – hahaha???

    I’m at a loss…

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