What Sasquatch and my kids have in common.

Today, in the midst of the Easter baskets, the sugar highs, and the chaos of egg hunts, I came to a realization.

Gone are the days when I was able to get pictures like this:

Those sweet, posed photos where my kids would allow me to put bunny ears on them and snooze quietly while I snapped countless shots?  They are a thing of the past.

I realized today that trying to get them to wear the bunny ears… much less pose for a photo… much less take a picture that is in focus, is…




After seeing how awful all of my pictures turned out today, I’m pretty much convinced that Sasquatch and my kids both move at the same speed.  Lightning fast.  Which is probably why no one is ever able to get a decent photo of either of them.

Other ways I noticed Easter had evolved from years past?

The Easter bunny had to get more creative with where the Easter baskets were hidden:

Judging from the massive pile of dirty clothes on top of the washing machine, he probably figured that the washing machine was used so rarely, the kids might not think to look in there.  Sneaky little bunny.

But one thing that hasn’t changed over the years?  The Easter bunny hasn’t lost his sick sense of humor.

The kids didn’t seem to mind, though.  They snatched that little brown egg up lightning quick.  And gobbled up the contents before we could blink an eye.

At least I think it was one of the kids.  Or it might have been Sasquatch.

16 thoughts on “What Sasquatch and my kids have in common.”

  1. Love the brown egg hiding spot!

    I threatened my children with taking away Easter baskets in order to get some nice, posed Easter pictures. Did I just say that? No…

      1. Laundry pile. The laundry room is not a loose phrase in our house – it’s an entire room full of not laundry supplies but laundry itself, both dirty and clean.

  2. I KNOW what you mean about getting a good picture. Yesterday I was threatening, bribing and then just giving up. My son would have gone crazy with glee had I thought to hide an egg in the potty. I’m definitely putting that on my to-do list for next year – I will be a hero to both the boys and husband!

  3. I’d like to think that chocolate has this impenetrable germ layer. Id eat it.
    I have become the master of bribing my child with false promises of things in order to get a smile. Don’t worry, we are saving up for his psychiatrist.

  4. We had to get a new camera with super fast shutter speeds to get a decent shot. Like, take 10 in 10 seconds fast.

    I think it would have been funnier to put the brown egg in the laundry. Could you imagine?

  5. We can’t get a single good picture of our kids either. We even got a point and shoot camera but nothing works. Love the brown egg, my kids totally would have picked it up too.

  6. Me again, I just became your 100th follower. I thought there would be music or confetti or prizes or something. 😉
    Love your site, look forward to reading more!

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