Pssst. I’ll let you in on a secret.

I have a secret to divulge.

It’s one that I’ve had to keep for several months now.  And, now I finally get to share it with you: my intimate group of readers.  Well, you and the entire internet.

I’ve been published.

In a book.

A book that doesn’t have pictures in it.

Okay, considering who the author is, it may have pictures in it.  But it is definitely not a picture board book.  At least, I don’t think it is.

If you want the full truth, my friend Big Daddy Autism was actually the one that got published.  But I was tremendously honored to be asked to write a short piece for a bonus chapter he included at the end.

And, while I can’t recall exactly what I wrote for said bonus chapter, because I wrote it months ago, I’m sure it was something good.  At least, I hope it was.  It may have been about poop.  Or bacon.  Or games.  And there was probably a little ditty about parenting in there.

I guess you’ll have to buy the book to find out.

That’s my plan, at least.  Because I know that even if what I wrote sucked, the rest of it will be a good read.  Big Daddy Autism often writes about topics that make me pee my pants in laughter.  Or that are touching and poignant.  Or, sometimes, about things that are just gross and TMI.  (But in a charmingly funny way.)

Either way, I encourage you to check out his book.

And, yes.  This is one secret you’re welcome to share.

15 thoughts on “Pssst. I’ll let you in on a secret.”

  1. “while I can’t recall exactly what I wrote, because I wrote it months ago…”

    Sure…I’ve heard that before. I’m sure you wrote it at a blackjack table after 6 or 7 $1 cocktails.

  2. Yay!!!!! That is awesome. I’ll definitely check it out. Congratulations. I love your writing so I’m positive it’s something funny, touching and well written!

  3. Sweet! Can’t wait to read the whole book. Big Daddy’s comments always make my rolls shake and you… you make me literally roll on the floor!

  4. Hey, new follower. B. Diddy (my affectionate name for Big Daddy that is actually probably starting to get creepy) gave you a reference, and I’m now following you. I’ll get you a creepy nickname. Looks good, I’ll enjoy!

    Come check out my wife and my blog!

  5. Can’t believe I missed this post! Congrats! That is so awesome. I don’t actually follow BD, I know shame on me since you’ve been singing his praises for a while now, but I will totally get this book because you’re PUBLISHED!

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