Purls of love

This weekend, I decided to undertake Mission Impossible.  Otherwise known as, “Operation Get Rid of the Stuff We No Longer Need.”

I started with baby bottles, nursing accessories and bibs that were no longer needed.  I found countless pacifiers sprinkled throughout the house.  My son hasn’t used a paci since he was 9 months old but I just couldn’t bring myself to part ways with them until now.  I tackled Chip’s overflowing dresser, which still contained clothes for 0-6 months.  Then I moved on to the toys scattered throughout the house.

I cleaned.  I purged.  I filled huge, Goodwill-destined garbage balls full of clothes, toys and baby paraphernalia.  Some bags were earmarked for the trash; others for family members of friends.  Mission Impossible was off to a good start.

But when I got to my daughter’s room, I came to a screeching halt.  Because there, nestled in the back of her dresser drawers, I discovered the neatly folded pile of The Sweaters.

The Sweaters are all that remain of my brief foray into knitting a few years back.  And as I took each tiny garment out, I quickly forgot about the organizing and purging.

Instead, I ventured down memory lane.    And I realized each sweater, poncho and tiny little hat held special significance for me.

Like the first piece of clothing I ever made for one of my children.  My first knitting project, actually.  I still remember ripping out rows upon rows of laboriously knit stitches and redoing them until I got it right.

Or sweaters knit for special occasions.  Like Valentine’s Day:

Or Christmas:

Or ones that were just used for doing yardwork:

Really kid? This sweater took me months to complete, and you're wearing it to mow the lawn? Really??

And probably a dozen other creations that I forget to get pictures of when they still fit her.  Yeah.  When I got to the stack of The Sweaters, all of my good intentions to purge and get rid of things no longer used just flew out the window.

I don’t need them anymore.  She’s long since outgrown them.  But I just can’t bear to part ways with them.

They symbolize late nights curled up on the couch; the quiet only being interrupted by the clicking of two needles together.  Well, that and a few choice swear words thrown in here and there when a mistake was discovered.

They are mementos of a pigtailed little toddler who actually wore skirts.  And who still let me dress her.

Clearly, they are reminders of just how much time I had on my hands when I had just had one child.  (Hello!  I haven’t picked up a knitting needle since Chip was born.)

They are labors of my love.

So I created a new bag.  One especially reserved for The Sweaters.   It lies in the back of her closet.


For just the right person to give them to.  Or for a day when I get particularly un-sentimental and decide to finally send them to Goodwill.

Or maybe they’re waiting for the day when they’re finally worn again.  By a niece, perhaps?  Or maybe, if I’m lucky, by a granddaughter?  I can only hope.

For the time being, though, the bag sits in the back of my daughter’s closet.

It is special.  It contains sweaters.  And a lot of love.

22 thoughts on “Purls of love”

  1. Don’t get rid of them!! You’ll regret it later on. Just box them up and save them for a future grandchild or to give your daughter when she’s older. :)

  2. I love your sweaters! They are definitely worthy of a keeper box! I love the sweater you knitted for Elliot, I can’t wait to put babyjooke2 in it also. I have a few sweaters that Josh’s mom knit for the boys when they were little and they are awesome.

  3. I can’t believe you made them! They are so beautiful. Not that I don’t think you can make beautiful things, I do really. I just had no idea you were a knitter.
    I would totally keep them. Save them for your granddaughters. But be warned you are taking advice from a woman who has a death grip on a little size 2T Truck t-shirt from Target (my son is 9) and will never give it up!!

  4. That’s some hidden talent you got there! I can barely sew without creating Frankenpants and you used two needles to knit some darn cute sweaters. Definitely, save them or sell them…or not.

  5. Oh, you have to keep The Sweaters! They are too stinkin’ adorable…and I am totally blown away that you knit them.

    Isn’t it hard when these little ones want to pick out their own clothes and refuse to wear a skirt anymore? I’m no girlie-girl, but I did love me a toddler girl in a skort.

  6. Beautiful sweaters! Gorgeous. You must never ever give them away. Save them, for her – to choose to keep or give away on her own. Those were made by her momma and they’re filled with your hands and heart.

  7. You listen to me: if you give those sweaters to Goodwill I will be on your doorstep in no time.

    Ok, that was a very, very poorly thought out threat. But don’t give your heart to Goodwill.

    1. Aww, shucks. You got my hopes up.

      Not that I would give them away… but you’re welcome for a visit any time.

      Just call first. Preferably, after 6 am.

  8. You’ll break MY heart if you give those away….definitely save them for her kids someday. Beautiful post!

  9. Aaiyah! Keep those sweaters. My grandma made me sweaters all the time when I was little and I still remember how much I loved them! I wish my family had kept them so I can pass them down to my babe… especially since your sweaters are soo cute!

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