A play-by-play of how I got lucky last night.

I got lucky last night.  Very, very lucky.

I know.  This is a family blog.

But I haven’t even gotten to the juicy part yet.  I got lucky with KLZ.

C'mon, people. What did you think I was talking about?

It all started last week, when she alluded to her love affair with words.  Given my own obsession with all things app-related, I was immediately intrigued.  So, this weekend, I tried to woo her into a challenge.

I started the game by throwing down the proverbial gauntlet.  I set the bar high, just to show her what she’d be up against:

She answered in kind, reminding me of who she was:

I wasn’t intimidated.  I tried to taunt her by hurling juvenile insults in her direction:

The reply came back.  Far more eloquently stated than me with my silly, childish jabs:

And so the tit-for-tat played on.  While I picked one of these…

…she was busy coming up with words that have no meaning or equivalent in the English language… but are, in fact, playable Scrabble words:

“Damn that woman and her wiles,” I thought.  Or is it wyles?

When I saw this last one, I knew I was outmaneuvered.  And soon to be outplayed.  Heck, I was already outwitted before the game even started.

But, just when I thought all hope was lost, a gift from the Scrabble gods fell from the heavens.  An 8-letter, 63 point monstrosity that literally landed into my lap to end the game.  I have no idea how it happened, but I know I got extremely lucky.

This morning, though, I’m seeing things in a different light.  I think it was KLZ that got lucky.  After 3 days of putting up with me and my infantile heckles and jeers, the misery ended.  And she was set free.

You might even say, she was liberated.

Yep.  I may have scored.  But she got lucky.

17 thoughts on “A play-by-play of how I got lucky last night.”

  1. I always want to check out Words With Friends – but I’m fairly sure I’d play cat then realize that’s all I’ve got, that I’m just not smart enough. Though lush might come to me.

  2. Dude. how in the hell did you get those screen shots?

    Is it weird that I’m more upset about that than about losing?

    And kinda disappointed you didn’t start another game right away?

    1. The real reason I didn’t start a new game right away? I wanted to save it so I could figure out how to take a stupid screenshot.

      Press the power button and the home button for just a minute. The screen should flash, and it will save it to your camera roll. Works on iPhones, too.

    2. At first, I gasped because after reading KLZ’s article, I never would have imagined ANYONE wanting to play this with her.

      But now?

      After seeing your word choices?

      You are perfectly paired.

  3. Here’s a secret: I started a game with Taming Insanity last week and was too intimidated to even make the first move. True story. She had been talking up her skills to the point where I lost my Words With Friends mojo and had performance anxiety issues, so I lost by default.

    1. Oh, my gosh… that is the funniest, yet saddest lil’ story I’ve heard all day. Look me up: BooyahsMomma. I’ll put all of your anxiety issues to rest. Unless I get extremely lucky.

  4. Oh, you two are way out of my league! I’ve played Zit before and been all proud to get rid of my “Z”, but you are both in the Ivy Leagues I think.

    And since I have a dumb phone, I am slumming on FB with plain old Scrabble.

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