Why daddy bloggers are deliciously evil.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about daddy bloggers that I find so appealing.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some truly amazing women, mothers and writers in bloggyland.  There is a sisterhood amongst mothers that is unlike any other, and I feel lucky to call some of these women friends.

But on a different plane, I’ve always been the type of gal that, on some level, has related more closely with men than women.  In college, I roomed with 5 guys.  (That went over really well with the folks, as you can imagine.)  My best friend is a dude.  Secretly, I think “pull my finger” jokes really are funny.

So when I happen upon a parenting blog written by a man, there’s something that draws me to it.  Here are some of the things I like about some of the daddy blogs – and bloggers – I interact with. Disclaimer: There may be some blatant generalizations and stereotyping in this post.  Maybe none more glaring than my use of the phrase “daddy bloggers.”  That said, here is my take.

Daddy bloggers are always amongst the first to comment on a post containing references to potty humor or farts.  I really love that about them.

On a related note, daddy bloggers often aren’t afraid to write about the big grumpy they took, or the epic wind they broke.  And sometimes it’s funny.  In a deliciously evil sort of way.

Daddy bloggers usually assume you’re being a smart ass, rather than being vicious or snarky.  And, at least in my case, they’re almost always right.

Daddy bloggers are, sometimes…quintessentially…guys.  They almost always get my references to poker, sports or deliciously evil things like bacon.  Mmm, bacon.

Daddy bloggers have been known to make not-so-thinly-veiled sexual references that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get away with.  Pop’s balls pretty much epitomize all that is deliciously evil.

Daddy bloggers, at least the ones I know, aren’t usually caught up in the drama and controversy that sometimes engulfs women in bloggyland.  Maybe it’s because they recognize there are more important things to talk about.  Like poop.  And bacon.  Mmm, bacon.

And daddy bloggers aren’t afraid to reveal their sensitive side.  Sometimes they write about things that touch us to the core, or bring tears to our eyes.  Sometimes they write movingly about their children, or the women in their lives.  They write things that remind us of all that is good, and pure and beautiful about fatherhood.  Perhaps they remind us of some of the things we love most about the men in our own lives.

Yep.  There’s something about daddy bloggers that I find touching, hilarious, and deliciously evil all at the same time.  And with that in mind, I tip my virtual hat to a couple of my favorite bloggers with the Y chromosome.

Big Daddy Autism and Go, Pop, Go – I hereby present you with this Deliciously Evil Award.

As with past Deliciously Evil Awards, there are no stipulations with receiving it.  Meaning, you don’t have to pass this award on to anyone or tell us 10 things about yourself.  (Seriously.  I already know more about your bodily functions than I’d care to admit.)  I’d just be honored if you took it.  With my thanks.

It’s guys like you that make me think we might be better off with a little more testosterone in bloggyland.   Just don’t ask me to pull your finger.  I fall for that one every time.

21 thoughts on “Why daddy bloggers are deliciously evil.”

    1. Umm, the fact that it goes straight to my butt? Raises my cholesterol 30 points with each slice? The fact I can never eat less than 5 pieces??

      Need I go on?

      I adore bacon. But it is deliciously evil.

  1. Awesome! And fabulous!

    I do read Pop, though I’ve never read Big Daddy Autism.

    Reading about Pop’s balls reminds me of the Alec Baldwin SNL “Schweaty Balls” skit.

  2. I thought the same thing Liz did! Ha! Love ball jokes…..and fart and potty jokes, for that matter.

    Do you think I’m a Daddy blogger in drag?

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