The Battle Rages On

My husband and I don’t have disagreements very often.  But when we do, they get a little heated.  Especially when it comes to “The Talk.”

Over the past year, “The Talk” has repeated itself between the two of us with growing frequency.  It’s been an ongoing battle that I realized, at some point, I might lose.  The conversation has always gone something like this:

Husband: “I’ve been thinking about a baby…”

Me, cutting him off: “Really??  But I thought our family was the perfect size as is.”

Husband: “I know.  It’s just that I’ve been thinking…”

Me: “About what??  Feedings?  Cleaning up poop?  The kids are finally at the age where they’re both sleeping through the night.  Do we really want to be getting up in the middle of the night to…”

Husband, interrupting me: “I know.  You’re right.  Just think about it, though… okay?”

And I always say I’ll consider it.  Even though, in the back of my mind, I knew there was no way I was ready.  Yet.

But lately, my husband’s been playing hardball.  He’s been recruiting the kids over to his side.

“Mom, they’re sooo cute!” Bobo would squeal every time she saw one.

“I like dohs!” Chip would exclaim.

And so it went.  I was surrounded by relentless nagging, pleading and cajoling.

Finally, I cracked under the pressure.  A few weeks ago, in a moment of weakness, we got wild and crazy.

And the result?  Twins.

Meet the newest members of our family, Elmo and Grover.

For the record, my husband and kids have been pushing for a puppy.  Yes.  I’ve been fighting the battle over whether to bring another four-legged baby into our house.  The fish were my pathetic attempt at a compromise.

And I have to say… while the thought of bringing yet another little one into our home made me a little nervous, they’ve been a welcome addition thus far.

They eat everything we put in front of them without complaint.  I haven’t had to wipe one butt yet (and my husband’s promised me he’d clean out their bowls), nor have I had to get up in the middle of the night to let them out.  They always use their inside voices.  Really, if weren’t for the fact that we have to keep them in separate bowls so they won’t literally kill each other, they might be the perfect children.

And as for me?

I’m just thrilled that my counterattack worked.  At least for now, the battle cries for a puppy have been silenced.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

27 thoughts on “The Battle Rages On”

  1. Stay strong. For me, once I talked the wife out of more babies, the battle went like this;

    Cat – 1 (Now Deceased)
    Cat – 1
    Fish -Several Dozen
    Turtle – 1
    Frog – 1
    Cat – 2 More
    Dog – 1

    Now, with a full on aquarium / petting zoo the masses are clamoring for another dog. Shoot me. Or one of my pets. Please.

  2. No Dog!! Please. I would love a dog until I think of the reality of all that “neediness” and then I get hives. Last Valentine’s day I got my son some of those African frogs that live in the little aquariums. They died after about 2 months. He asked that I not get him something this year that would die!
    I love their names

  3. Beware the Betta fish. You can’t kill those SOB’s and soon your husband won’t care about them anymore and you’ll be stuck cleaning the tank and feeding the bastards.
    I wish you the best of luck,
    ours lived seven months.

  4. Nice fish.

    My husband really wants a puppy but I say no way. I know I’d end up taking care of it. He actually wouldn’t mind fish but I know I’d be stuck cleaning out the bowls. So I keep saying no to that, too.

    We do have a cat at least.

  5. The way you told this story, I feel like your hubs should’ve also suggested you get it on every night, you know, to help the process along. “How can that possibly help,” you might ask. His reply, “Trust me. I read it on the Internet.”

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  7. beware is all starts with fish. I did the same…got 2 goldfish..lasted a few weeks and then back to the puppy. Now I have a puppy and 2 goldfish…and while at least they share with feeding the puppy and taking her out…no one does anything on the fish. If I didn’t value their lives a little bit they would be long gone by now!!!

  8. Congrats on the new additions :) I’m with you no fur babies – too much mess and too time consuming. Good luck with your efforts to thwart any more babies (of any kind) at this time!

  9. I keep tellin David he can have q dog when I can stay at home all day to let it out.

    I’m hoping that doesn’t bite me in the ass

  10. I tried the fish cop-out once, too. I really hope it works for you because I still can’t get my kids off my back about a dog. I made the mistake once of telling my oldest that he could have one when he turned 8. 8 came around real fast, and then I had to change my statement to “When we have a fenced back yard.”

    Anyway – good pick on the fish. And no huge tank to clean! Smart lady!

  11. Man, you had me on the edge of my seat!! And then… Oh, you crack me up girl, you really do!

    Having done the puppy thing TWICE already with kids I have to say that it was way easier when the kids were 11 and 15. WAY. The first time, we stupidly though that every 3 year old boy NEEDED a puppy.

    Which was so wrong. Because 3 year olds can’t walk the dog or clean the poop properly.

    Keep the fish. But they may eventually win.

  12. You jokester you *shaking fist in the air
    I really have to side with the majority and say that fish are pretty awesome and I really want a few…Duggar style perhaps

  13. Kimberly’s comment made me laugh out loud! As did this post. You are so funny! You are making me feel like a mean pet-depriving mom. One of these days…maybe.

  14. Oh baby, when made to chose between the puppy and the newborn, go for the puppy. He may poop in the house, but he won’t backtalk, need school supplies for the next 12 years, or tuition for college….and puppies run away…I’m just sayin’…if you know what I mean…

  15. hahaha. You really got me! I picked up that you were talking about a puppy but the fish gave me a good laugh. You’re a toughie. If you have to go to the mat again, may I suggest a guinea pig. At least give them something with fur! lol

  16. Good compromise! I stand firm on my “no puppy” stance. Luckily our landlord doesn’t allow animals, so my family’s pleads are silenced, for now.

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