Christmas panned out pretty good.

Forget the firetrucks.  The Spiderman toys.  The Pillow Pets.

Chip’s favorite present this year?  Was the smiley face pancake griddle that was meant for me.

It’s pretty funny to see a toddler ditch the toys in lieu of lugging around an 8-pound cast iron skillet all day.  But lug he did.

And lick he did.

I’m not sure where his obsession with frying pans came from.  But if it means he might cook me breakfast in bed, I’m all for it.

Some other random Christmas stats and figures:

  • Number of Christmas celebrations we attended in a  period of 32 hours: 4
  • Number of minutes my kids napped in those two days: 38
  • Number of celebrations where food was served: 4
  • Number of pounds I’ve gained since Christmas Eve: 7
  • Number of those pounds that have gone straight to my butt: 7
  • Number of celebrations that served alcoholic beverages: 1
  • Number of mimosas Momma consumed at Christmas brunch: stats not available.
  • Number of times the phrase “Are we there yet?” was heard: 38
  • Number of times “Ask that again and you’ll get a lump of coal in your stocking” was said: 22
    (Kidding.  Obviously.  I only said it about 5 times.)

Probability we’ll do it all again next year: 99%

Because that’s the way we roll.  Laughter, family, a boatload of food, and a healthy dose of chaos.  It doesn’t get much better than that in my book.  And really, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, maybe one thing.  I’m thinking that next year, I think I’m going to skip the toys altogether and buy my son a sauté pan instead.

17 thoughts on “Christmas panned out pretty good.”

  1. Never ceases to amaze me how kids will focus on the most random thing to play with when surrounded by fantabulous toys!

    Those pictures are so, so cute. Now next year, have more mimosas. Or is it less? I couldn’t tell 🙂

  2. My kid would have more than likely have swiped the pan as well. He’s been known to dig them all out of our cabinets and walk around with them for hours.

  3. You know, there is just something about the taste of cast iron…and just think of the muscles he’ll have from lugging that thing around!

    I am most concerned with the fact that only one of your gatherings had alcohol served. Glad you survived.

  4. Adorable kids you’ve got there. My son recently showed renewed interest in his work bench. He now says that he’s working. When I ask him what he’s doing with the drill, he says – mommy, it’s a mixer, I’m making pizza. My husband is the cook in our house. How sweet would life be if both of my sons took after their dad. I would never have to set foot in the kitchen again!

  5. Funny how the number of minutes napping correlates exactly with the number of times the phrase “Are we there yet?” was uttered. I’m betting they napped for a minute, then asked…am I right?
    And how is that skillet? That is the most awesome thing: smiley faced pancakes! I’m all over that one!

  6. Your Christmas sounds fun! And the kids are beautiful!
    Next year, you might want to throw him one of those nice crepe pans. Something to enjoy with your mimosas if you can get him cooking!

  7. LOVE this post and LOVE the way you roll! (But you already knew that!) The stats are pure genius- LOL for the stats not available! 🙂 And for the record: Brody lugs around our air-pop popcorn machine as *his* favorite toy of choice! Happy New Year, friend! XO

  8. That part about the pancake pan is hilarious! He is just so adorable. Sooooooo adorable. Loved your stats, too. I look foward to reading more about you and your fun family in 2011!

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