Viva la vacation

I wasn’t ready to come back.

Despite 4 red eye segments, 1 visit from a revengeful Montezuma, 2 sunburned backs, a handful of epic meltdowns, and 8 contiguous days spent with my in-laws (Kidding!  I actually adore my in-laws)… my only regret about our vacation was that it didn’t last longer.  That, and the fact that I forgot to turn down the heat before we left.  (For which I’m thankful that the Christmas tree didn’t spontaneously combust in our absence).

A few of my favorite memories:

Swimming until our feet and fingers turned into wrinkled little prunes.

Searching for treasures on the smooth white beaches… so different from the cold, Oregon sand that we’re used to.

Eating popsicles right before dinner.  Because that’s what you do when you’re on vacation… right?

Discovering that chips are overrated.  And that guacamole is best eaten with a spoon, anyways.

Laying underneath one of these.  And realizing that it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Okay, maybe it does.

And now?  Back to reality.  And the cold.

But I have a boatload of memories to keep me warm until the next time we’re lucky enough to get away.

Viva la vacation.


I’d be remiss without saying a huge thanks to Sherri, Big Daddy, KLZ and Liz for guest posting while I was unplugged.  You guys are the best.  Thanks also to those of you who stopped by to say hi.  Once I get grounded back into reality, I’ll try to get by for a visit.

17 thoughts on “Viva la vacation”

  1. Sorry the vacation had to end, but glad you made it back safely! Your pictures definitely made me smile – especially the guacamole one 🙂

  2. Love all the pictures! So glad to know that guacamole can be a food group…well, it probably is right, falls under vegetables…or fruit…whatever! Love the pic of that sweet baby eating it by the spooful!

  3. So I’m guessing your in-laws read your blog:) Sounds like a wonderful vacation and I just love the pictures. You are a very pretty lady!

  4. Oh, welcome back!! What an awesome trip you had….and thanks for letting me hang out and drink your beer while you were gone. I may have left one or two.

  5. Post Vacation Depression…there has to be a drug that counters it. Then again, guacamole with a spoon isn’t too far behind.

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