It was so much more fun the first time I turned 29

Today is my birthday.

And I won’t be here.  In bloggyland, that is.

Because in real life, I’ll be too busy:

  1. Dealing with the fire department because I accidentally started a huge blaze while attempting to blow out the candles on my cake.
  2. Recovering from Black Friday.
  3. Waking up from my tryptophan-induced hibernation.
  4. Reminiscing about how 25 used to seem old.
  5. Thinking about how I’ve officially closer to 40-something than I am to 30-something.
  6. Drinking copious amounts of beer due to the aforementioned thought.
  7. Drinking prune juice and taking my Geritol.  ‘Cause I’ve heard that’s what old people do.
  8. Realizing how pathetic I sound bemoaning another birthday.  In reality, I have lots to be thankful for.  Like the fact that I still get carded at the grocery store.
  9. Admiring the shiny bling my husband got me card my kids made me for my birthday.
  10. Celebrating my latest fantasy football win.
  11. Spouting some belated Thanksgiving sentiments over at Kludgy Mom’s place.

Hint: the correct answer is #11.  However, #1, 6 and 7 may also be true.  And I remain optimistic about #10.

      11 thoughts on “It was so much more fun the first time I turned 29”

      1. Happy Birthday! We really are soul sisters! I just celebrated my "29th" as well. ..a hem…AND I also didn't get the BLING!

      2. Happy birthday! I just turned 39 this year and it was the first time I really considered that maybe I am getting old. Details about the bling please!

      3. pretty sure being closer to 40 was a big "oof" moment for me. My sister? close to 50. She's old.

      4. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Can't believe you already know all the stuff that us old people do…it's like you've been peeking in my windows or something! Strange, but I have a craving for prune juice now.Now that you mention it, 50 is starting to look like the new 40 in my book.Hope you had a great day and some good Fantasy Football scores to go with your beer.

      5. Happy belated. Don't forget playing Bingo and crocheting – I find it funny that crochet is spelled similarly to crotchety

      6. Do I really have to fill this out EVERY time I want to comment? Doesn’t your beloved new beau record this information or something???

        Anyway, I really did think you were only 29. You sure look it {in your pictures}, but of course it could just be that you are only sharing pictures that are a good decade or so old. That’s what I do.

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