O, Mr. Coffee Cup. How I love thee.

O, Mr. Coffee Cup.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My mug can hold, no more so after a sleepless night.
My need is obsession.  No!  In fact, it’s a craze.
I love thee, black gold.  You brighten my days.
You deliver caffeine; you answer my plight.
Wee ones, they must wait, ’til you’re in my sight;
Once I have thee in hand, then trails I can blaze.
And those days when nary a drop’s to be found? Alas, we all lose;
For without thee, I morph into grumpy rhinothereth.
I love thee on morns when I cannot hit snooze.
I love thee on morns when I just feel like death.
I love thee with cream, and sometimes a nip of booze.
I shall love thee forever.  Despite coffee breath.

I hereby apologize to Elizabeth Barrett Browning for butchering a perfectly beautiful love poem.  I’m convinced, though, that had Starbucks had been around in the 1800’s, her sonnet might have turned out differently.  But that’s just a theory.

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18 thoughts on “O, Mr. Coffee Cup. How I love thee.”

  1. I couldn't agree more. I often remark that Starbuck's gingerbread lattes are legally sold crack cocaine!

  2. How long are you working in a European time zone? 🙂 I bet you are showing some serious love for your coffee these days.

  3. I ordered a pumpkin spice hot chocolate from starbucks a few weeks back and they gave me a pumpkin spice latte. I almost threw up. I still like you though. 🙂

  4. Coffee beans? I thought they were almonds. Toasted almonds, how do I love thee? I don't like coffee! I liked your poem though!

  5. I'm reading this at 12:30A trying to calm down after 3 hours of straight screaming from my child. I think I shall be reciting this love poem to my mug in 5 hours.

  6. And sometimes with a nip of booze! bwahahahaha! I love this! Who knew aside from the wit and charm, you were a fricken poet!Brilliant!

  7. You did a great job with this poem! And I hear you on needing to have a coffee in my hands before I'll even entertain meeting the kids needs.

  8. BRILLIANT! And coffee breath – always funny! I think caffeine would have greatly changed the shape of poetry and literature over the centuries. God bless – and keep the mug 'o awesomeness coming.

  9. Too funny! We shared the same inspiration of EBB ~ however, I give you props for thinking to include something about coffee breath! I totally overlooked that little detail of my addiction (guess because I don't have to smell it??!).

  10. Oh I so love that black goddess..with a little cream, chocolate sauce, sugar (maybe even the Bailey's?). I think I shall go and make myself some right now.

  11. *sigh* indeed, coffee is a total and complete rock star in my book, too! and that little apology to ebb? so-very-cute and i'm sure so-very-accepted! 🙂

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