D, D, we need D!

Bonjour sports fans!

Well, I hope it’s morning where you are.  I’m working European hours today, which means it’s approximately lunchtime in Paris.  And that equates to way-too-flippin’-early-to-be-considered-morning on the west coast.  Sigh.  I wonder if I could convince my boss to let me work the European 35-hour workweek as well?

OK, blah!  Random sleep-deprived tangent over.  What I meant to say was…

Have I ever mentioned that besides being big football fans, sports are pretty much on non-stop around here?  Currently, we’re dividing our time between two sports: football (duh) and basketball (groan).  And in the spirit of the latter, I’m guest posting today over at Unpolished Parenting, home of the lovely D.

D and I first connected through Working Mom Wednesdays, and I quickly discovered that she kind of rocks.  Today, I wrote a little ditty about playing defense as a parent.  (Yes, I’m writing about D… on D’s blog.  How ironic.)

Please stop by and say hi.  And check out some of the other posts at Unpolished Parenting… you’ll be glad you did.

Also?  Go Blazers!

6 thoughts on “D, D, we need D!”

  1. I have to do the european hours things once in awhile…not fun. Once I did it on vacation at disney world. so worked all night while they slept then spent the days on vacation…take about tired. I was a wreck.

  2. I've been so lucky that my husband doesn't watch too many sports – but I know with two boys this will surely change in my future.

  3. A favorite blogger guesting on a favorite blog?! I just exploded with bloggy happiness.

  4. Blazers, huh? I just have one word for you: Oden. And I have a bonus word for you: penis. Go blazers, indeed!

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