Percentiles mean diddly

Frankly, I don’t put a lot of stock in statistics and percentile charts.

Maybe it’s because both of my kids rank in the 5th percentile for weight and height.  I know that they’re likely destined for shrimpdom like their mother.  I accept this fact with resignation.

However, since I clearly have too much time on my hands… and because some might describe my OCD tendencies as pedantic, I’ve put together some graphical representations of random percentiles that I’ve been pondering lately. 

The Word of the Week brought to you by the Nerd Mafia.  As if I wasn’t pedantic enough.

21 thoughts on “Percentiles mean diddly”

  1. Cooked from scratch? I am unfamiliar with this phrase. Although, due to my love of pie, your charts looked delicious. And pedantic. That means sweet, right?

  2. First, I'm sure Don KLZ will appreciate your charting skills. Second, I think it's funny that you are the one feigning sleep and not your husband. Third, Bobo's moods = Kate and Chip's = Maddie.

  3. Very, very accurate charts! I wish I could have my mother's home cooking charts as well, but alas, I really stink at meal planning…and cooking.

  4. These charts are fantastic! Ah date nights, I remember those…but the memory is becoming fuzzier and fuzzier.

  5. The thought of making all those charts makes me want to call Domino's, I'm definitely in the under 5% on the pedantic scale. Fun post!Dana

  6. Pie charts make me very happy. Loved the Middle of the Night Calls! And 1-800-Dominos! If I had that chart-making tool, I'd be going nuts.

  7. I wish I had a chart that would make pies! Strawberry-Rhubarb!!!At least you know at some point that diaper chunk will drop significantly.

  8. These are kind of depressing. But my budget pie chart is going mostly to food. Which is scary because my kids aren't even teenagers yet.

  9. I'm impressed by your charting skills! They should hire you to do a PowerPoint presentation during one of those parenting seminars.

  10. I am in awe of your charting skillz. I really am. And I think you may have secretly compiled data by peeking in my windows or going through my trash can for receipts. Except for the eating out thing, which I am too cheap to do more than once in a while.Once the diapers are gone, that part of the pie may automatically revert to beer. I think there's a law or something.

  11. I loved your charts! And being quite the pedanticista* myself, I couldn't help but notice that little trick you did with Dinners chart. You know, how you made "Meals my Mom Cooked From Scratch" and "Meals defrosted or from a can or box" the same color so at first glance it looks like, "Hey, Mom was a rock star but she's holding her own." And then you get all detaily and start reading the small print…..*Sorry about the made up word…it's this thing I do…

  12. HAHA! That's great! I loved the pre & post kids budget. I seriously don't want to think about how my shoe budget has suffered since having a kid. 🙂

  13. Pre and Post Kids budget for beer only changed by one percent…tell me your secret 'cuz I believe my percentage went UP by 15% Post Kids.

  14. As a visual learner, I found this very helpful. It taught me very effectively that I'm not the only one using takeout more that scratch. -But– the trick is, if you plate it, like a fancy restaurant, you can take some credit ala SemiHomemade LOL

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