Sex, drugs and rock & roll

So, I have a confession to make.

I’m not perfect. 

Wow, that feels good to get that off my chest.  And Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, you can just pretend the rest of this post never existed.

I was no wild child growing up.  But when I ventured off to college and, later, into the big wide world, I spread my wings a little.  I did what a lot of young adults did.

I played a little.  I experimented a little.  And I made some mistakes.

Looking back, there are a lot of times I wished I would have done something, but didn’t.  And there are an equal number of things that, if I had a mulligan, I probably wouldn’t do again.  I don’t dwell on a lot of these, because what’s done is done.  They’re in the past.

Or are they?

As a parent, I wonder if some of my past adventures may possibly rear their ugly heads again.  I know that, one day, the uncomfortable questions will likely come.  And when my kids ask me about certain events and experiences, what do I tell them?  When the time comes, do I reveal some of my confessions to my kids?

Confession #1.  I’ve done the deed.
Well, the cat’s out of the bag on this one.  I think by the time my kids are old enough to learn about the birds and the bees, I don’t think I’ll be able to fool them into thinking the stork brought them.  And I think by this point, my parents have probably figured the truth out as well.

But if the questions probe deeper?  I don’t even want to think of touching that conversation with a ten-foot poll.  Anyway, I’m in denial that we won’t need to have that talk.  Because according to Jay, Bobo won’t even be allowed to date until she’s 30.  Problem solved.

Confession #2.  I drink.
I do drink responsibly around my kids; they’ve seen me with a beer or glass of wine in hand.  So I can’t deny that.

But if they ask?  I certainly never had a sip before I was 21, never did anything stupid while under the influence, and I never got completely snockered.

Yeah, I’m betting my kids won’t buy that one either.  I’m wondering if I could just mix a little dirt with water, and tell them that’s what Guinness tastes like.  It wouldn’t exactly be a lie, would it?

Confession #3.  I’ve celebrated 4/20.
But only once.  And I never inhaled.

Oh, crap.  Someone famous already said that.

I don’t know what to say about this one.  I’m just hoping to go with the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on this one.  And I hope they never ask.

Confession #4.  I love rock & roll My first concert was a Kenny G. concert
Ah, finally an easy confession!

I’m not a big rock & roll fan, so I can honestly I’ve never participated in any shenanigans at a rock concert.  I once drug Jay to a Dixie Chicks concert, but there was definitely no shenanigans at that event.

I do, however, still receive quite a bit of flack from Jay regarding my undying love for Kenny G.

But at least that’s one confession I don’t mind wholeheartedly admitting to my kids.

Mama's Losin' It
#2. What are your confessions?

22 thoughts on “Sex, drugs and rock & roll”

  1. I'd just like to share with you my facebook status right now as it is so apt in your post here: :-)"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!"

  2. 30? Why in the world would your husband allow Bobo to date so young? Mine won't be allowed to even mention the word "boys" until she is 45 or I am long dead. Whichever comes later.Kenny G? Really? Really? Nerd.

  3. Loved this post! I can absolutely relate (like always). I'm pretty sure my parents glossed over most of their crazy days when raising me, it's probably been happening for generations. From the tooth fairy to the crazy misdeeds of my youth, my kids have turned me into a big fat liar!

  4. I'm gonna have to say that #4 is the worst confession in your list. You'll want to keep that one under wraps.So, when Christmas comes around and they start playing him ad nauseum on the radio, you'll have to hide your glee and maybe even change the station.Do it for the children.

  5. You'll have to delete this confession post before "the talk".Or you could go with the "do as I say, not as I do" thing – but does that work?I think you need to tell them the truth. Tell them that you made mistakes, and are sorry you did it. Tell them that you are sure that THEY will make better decisions than you did, and that they can come talk to you if they are thinking of experimenting.And as far as peer pressure is concerned, it helped my daughters when I told them they could use the "my mother will kill me" excuse if they were asked to partake of said activities.Most of us get through that age relatively unscathed – though I wonder how I didn't get killed with some of the dumb stunts I pulled.

  6. All I have to say is….I hope my boys NEVER ask! Haha and my 1st concert…..::::hiding head and slurring words::::: Neil Diamond……there I said it….I'm free! *sigh* I feel better!

  7. You know, I feel the same way about my "past", while not incredibly over-the-top wild there are just things that I don't want to discuss with the kiddos. And mine are old enough that I am sometimes on pins and needles waiting for that one question. Ugh. Luckily (so far) we have been pretty open about stuff with our kids. So far.And my first concert was a Day on the Green with The Police and other assorted bands that I can't quite remember. Not sure why I can't remember.

  8. My first concert was a crappy Warrant affair at a local baseball field with a whole 200 people attending.Did you smoke your doobie at the Kenny G thing? For some strange reason I doubt it. LOLStoppin by from Mama Kat's

  9. ha! you are funny. i cant believe you are already thinking about the sex talk with your kids. please dont make me go there already! dread.

  10. Dixie Chicks was my first and only concert. How lame is that? glad I'm not the only one who will admit to being at one though.And you need a better plan for #3, but the plan for #2 is genius!

  11. Oh puh-leeze… you think you got it bad, my first concert was a DEVO concert!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!! LOL So, I stopped by via MommaKat's workshop… Thanks for your confessions. I can totally relate and have no idea what I'm going to tell my kids! I just plan to live life in denial that those conversations aren't going to come up! LOL Thanks for sharing!~~Oddyssey

  12. Kenny G is good…and the Doobie Brothers!And what do you mean the stork didn't bring you your kids? The stork brought mine! See what a good girl I was!…are you rolling your eyes? You are, aren't you?

  13. Haha! I'm sure there will be a lot of things I gloss over in these discussions with my kids.BTW, my first concert? U2 and oh so awesome.

  14. love. it! your confessions rock and i am so, so not touching any of this with a ten foot pole (yet!). and my first concert? i'm proud to say acdc! xo

  15. I can't say I was the most well-behaved child growing up. The thought of my own children doing some of the things I did scares the hell out of me. Like you, I'm in denial. I'm just trying to get through housework and laundry right now.

  16. I was kind of a dare devil and got into much. My dad said that while other parents were hearing how well their kids did in algebra, he was hearing that I could drink grown men under a table. And truthfully, I think he was kind of proud. Lame, I know. And a lot of my seedy living was while I was in high school,(didn't stop for college, but didn't have quite the interest in my bad behavior there) and to make it worse, my husband was one of my closest friends and he was as wild as I was. And to compound the problem, we live in the town we grew up in and it's really small and people never forget anything! No way I'll be able to dodge all of my misdeeds! If your solutions work, you'll have to let me know, cause I'm dreading some of those same questions!

  17. Okay, now I don't feel as bad about finding my husband's old cassette tape stash and right on top, next to Tupac, was Kenny G!

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