My daughter’s funnier than I am, anyway

I’m in a mental vacuum this week.

We’re sick.  We’re tired: daylight savings time has messed with the kids’ sleep schedules and left a family of horrific zombies in its wake.  We’re I’m overworked with deadlines in my job.

Fortunately, my daughter is pretty funny.  So she’ll be doing a guest post for me… of sorts… while I get my act together.  It just so happens that I have an entire drafts folder chock full of some of the eclectic tidbits that escape from my four year-old’s mouth.  So here you go:  “Random conversations with Bobo, Part I.”


“But, dad, your finger smells funny when I pull it.”


    “I don’t want to go to Babies ‘R Us.  I want to go to Big Kids ‘R Us!!”


    In an excited voice: “Hey, mom, guess what??  I… uh… ummm…. arrghhhh!  I forgot what I was going to say!!”
    “Calm down, Bobo.  I’m sure it will come to you,” I say.
    “I don’t want to be calm!!” she retorts.  “And I am not going to tell you what it is I wanted to say until you tell me what it is I was going to tell you!”


    “Hey, daddy… how do you spell E.T.?” 


    “What did you learn in preschool today?” I ask.
    “We learned about George,” Bobo answers back.
    “George, who?” I say.
    “You know, George,” she says, rolling her eyebrows like I’m some dolt.  “The one who works with Obama?”
    “You mean George Washington?” I say, finally jumping on the clue wagon.
    “Uh, yeah.”

    In the car: “Um, we could really use a little mood music in here, momma.” 


    After watching Peter Pan with her father:  “Daddy’s going to teach me how to fly, momma!”
    “Really??” I say.
    “Yeah, either that, or I’ll learn how to do it at preschool.”


    I love you to Uranus and back.”  (Seriously, this one never gets old, no matter how many times I tell it.) 


    Bobo, flailing spasmodically in her carseat:  “Hey, momma, guess what I’m doing?”
    “What, Bobo?” I ask.  I’m genuinely perplexed here.
    “I’m playing the air drum, and the air guitar… at the same time!”


    “No more rhymes, dad… I mean it.  Hey, does anybody wanna peanut?”

    This last one has got to be my favorite of all time.  And, perhaps, one of the proudest moments of parenthood to-date.

    You’ve got to admit, the kid has good taste in movies.  And she’s funny.  And a little eclectic.

    I’m thinking she gets it from her dad.

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    15 thoughts on “My daughter’s funnier than I am, anyway”

    1. How many times has the poor girl fallen for the "pull my finger" trick? Her dad has apparently inflicted her with a serious finger phobia.Btw, Uranus. he he.

    2. Seriously good tastes in movies – I love that line!! Well, definitely never a dull moment with a silly little one like that :) She's awesome!

    3. Your daughter wins The Most Awesome Random Remark award (which, by the way is highly coveted by people who know that I just made it up) for her most excellent Princess Bride quip.I like that girl!

    4. Oh my goodness she is a DOLL! Listening to the funny things kids say is hands down, one of the best parts of being a mom! :) Love it.

    5. This is greatness! Love the Obama / George and the E.T. references. Isn't it the best how they can make us laugh despite any circumstances?

    6. Uranus never gets old. <— that comment sounded a lot funnier in my head.And you're right – she is funny. Hope you guys get better! And the zombies will recover just in time for DST to be back in effect.

    7. That is awesome. No more rhymes, I mean it. Crap, I can't think of any other rhyme than peanut. Bobo has got me beat.

    8. I dread the clock changing season so much — it seems so underreported that the kids become so out of whack as to make parenting more hellish than usual. This time around, though, I was the worst. Sunday was the longest day of my life. I couldn't believe how, every time I looked at the clock, it was still not past noon!Argh! (She said no rhymes. Nothing about pirates.)

    9. What's the tuition for her preschool? Was there a long waiting list? Who did you pay off to get her in a flying class?!

    10. This makes me both excited and terrified for when Max starts talking!She is hysterical!!

    11. I'm not going to tell you what I was going to comment until you tell me what I was going to tell you!

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