Guest Post: My Doorbell

Hi.  I’m the doorbell.
Today I’m guest posting for Booyah’s Momma.
Because she’s feeling tired, feisty, and a little zany.

Because people tend to ignore it when I’m sporting this:

The lady of the house has decided to be more explicit with the notes she leaves taped to my face.  Like these:

To Mr. Door-to-Door Salesman:

To late night trick-or-treaters:

To the political activists:

To Ed McMahon:

Hey, one can always hope.  Right?

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17 thoughts on “Guest Post: My Doorbell”

  1. Haha, what about the religious ringers? They're the only kind we get around here.

  2. You crack me up! And I agree with ever sentiment. We had a couple late night trick or treaters — even after we blockaded the porch!

  3. Um, pretty sure Ed McMahon is dead. So, you just invited a Zombie into your house. I guess, if he comes with a huge sweepstakes check, it doesn't really matter if he is undead.I don't mind the late night trick or treaters and political activists. I find they are delicious when sliced real thin and then sauted with a little garlic, butter, and truffles. My wife has the recipe if you're interested.

  4. Love this…very funny!! There is nothing worse than some chump ringing the doorbell just when you've succeeded in getting your child down for a nap!

  5. I think it's kind of like prison: shank the first solicitor you see and the rest won't come back.Fear is a great motivator.

  6. I actually put a note on the doorbell when I was on maternity leave. Waking a sleeping baby or ringing the bell while I had him on the boob was SO not cool.

  7. Purchasing a No Soliciting sign is number one on my to-do list. Man, I hate those door-to-door salesmen.

  8. Love this post! We actually had a no soliciting sign taped up next to our doorbell, but it blew away recently. It actually did seem to make a difference, so now I have to go out and find a real one.

  9. Hee! I would put a sign on the screen.Baby Sleeping. Mommy armed. That one worked.

  10. Crap. BigDaddyAutism stole my clever post. Zombie Ed McMahon. It's good stuff.

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