Superman hired a seamstress, right?

The string of four letter words coming from the other room must have shaken my husband from his football coma.

Timidly, he ventured into the dining room.  “You okay in here?” he asked me.

I looked up from the sewing machine and gave him an exasperated look.  “This is is a pain in the arse,” I said through clenched teeth.

“You know, when we were at Target the other day, I saw some of these on sale for only…” his words trailed off as he met my withering stare.  My nerves of steel were frayed, but my look told him all he needed to know.

The mother of Superman would not back down.  I was intent on completing the mission. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  The first year, I started off pretty easy.  Football pants for Peyton Manning seemed simple enough.

The next year, I got a little more crazy.  I have to confess that my sewing skills are remedial (at best), and there was definitely plenty o’ cussing involved.  But lucky for me, my mom came to my rescue, and managed to give me enough pointers to be able to send a little Dorothy merrily down the yellow brick road.

But this year?  As I sat cursing at the sewing machine, I realized I might have bitten off more than I could chew.

It probably would have helped if I would have used a pattern.  But all I had to make was a cape.  And a Supergirl skirt.  And undies for Superman.  And another cape.  Yeah, in retrospect, a pattern would have been a good idea.

Because this year, it’s almost like my sewing machine was made of pure kryptonite.  The yards of crimson satin that seemed so perfect at the fabric store slipped awkwardly through my fingers like melted butter.  It snagged.  It bunched.  Capes are not supposed to bunch.  Undies?  Maybe.  But capes, definitely not.

About the time I finished up Supergirl’s skirt, Bobo woke up from her nap and came bounding downstairs.  “Is it ready, Momma?” she asked excitedly.

I held up the first cape.  It was crooked.  It bulged in a very un-capelike manner.  I have to admit, it looked pretty ghetto.

“All set,” I said, trying to sound more upbeat than I felt.  “Want to try it on?”

We dug out the Supergirl shirt we had found at the mall.  We slipped on the skirt, the crooked cape, and the boots.  I stood back as Supergirl studied her reflection in the mirror.  In the back of my mind, I wondered if those costumes at Target were still on sale.

Suddenly, she beamed.  “I love it, Momma,” she said, as she hugged me with superhero strength.  “Thank you for making this.”

And, for a moment, I felt like Supergirl myself.  Or, at least, like Supergirl’s mom.

It wasn’t perfect.  But Bobo didn’t care.  And as I got busy sewing Chip’s cape, I felt more confident that I could tackle my costume nemesis.  And if it didn’t turn out?  At least I knew there was a Target down the street.

18 thoughts on “Superman hired a seamstress, right?”

  1. Good for you! I went to Walmart without the slightest bit of guilt and grabbed the dinosaur that would fit. Now I have to find something for the infant!

  2. My heart is totally melting! The fact that YOU made it, makes it perfect for her 🙂 So sweet!

  3. I am totally impressed! And she loves it, so that's what's important! I get all up in arms about doing stuff myself a lot too, and then berate myself for having agreed to create something from scratch, and then hate how it turns out, til the kid sees it and I realize their standard is so simple, and they appreciate just the act having been done. 🙂

  4. You made it and she loves it and loves that you made it. That's all that matters in the world!

  5. You are a better woman than I. For my poor sewing skills lead to me cowering in fear from the idea of making costumes myself.

  6. She looks fabulous! And I love that you made the skirt long enough that your precious little girl doesn't resemble a hooker. What is up with parents wanting to skankify their daughters? Anywho – ya did good. I wish I could sew. You are a good Mama!

  7. Awwww! Look at you making the rest of us look like mere mortals!I loved each and every picture. The Supergirl….so effin cute…Although I bet I could have used the real swear word, and apparently you could take it because you let out a string of expletives yourself…oh, and you said Ass in this post! I'm not judging, I'm just saying I like a little ass with my posts about super mommies handmaking costumes for their kids!You're terrific! Loved this post!

  8. Awww, she loves it! And she has the biggest smiles, too!I pulled out my sewing machine (which I've only used twice ever before) to take up Kate's "jessie" pants. I had to shorten them by over 2 inches. My poor little short stack.

  9. I think it looks great! And it reminds me of Old Tweener's new post about how our kids are our biggest cheerleaders.I am SO impressed that you sew. I lack that gene. Big time.

  10. Oh to have your nerves of steel and creativity. She looks so absolutely adorable in all of those outfits. I wish I had some skill, any skill, with the sewing machine. I'd so love the time and ability to make something so cute. Way to go mama!

  11. I love it! We ended up buying Sprite's costume this year, although it was actually a weak moment for John who decided to get her a Minnie Mouse dress a few months ago. I immediately claimed it for Halloween and no matter how many times she's changed her mind, I keep telling her she WILL be Minnie. Oh yes, she will..

  12. I am so impressed! I couldn't even imagine whipping out the sewing machine without having my mother's hand to guide me the entire way. The costumes not only look fantastic, but could they ever look bad with someone that cute wearing them?

  13. Wow! You are some kind of superhero! That costume (excuse me, those costumes) are so wonderful. Who cares if they're perfect? She obviously loved them and that's what counts.Way to go! I couldn't use a sewing machine if you paid me. 😉

  14. So awesome. It's great when kids appreciate the things we do. Dude #2 just told me today that he loves my job because I get to take him place and get toys in the mail. That made me happy. And worth it too:)

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