Anyone know how to reach Anonymous?

Over time, this blog has become a creative outlet for me to express myself to a community that I’ve come to appreciate and connect with.  It’s also become a cathartic release for me.  And a way for me to use big words on days when I often just utter monosyllable sentences.

But it didn’t begin that way.  In the beginning, I wrote only for me.

I started this blog in early spring of this year.  My original intent was never to make this blog public.   It began as a way for me to capture my thoughts about parenthood and to record some of the moments my children created for me that I knew I would eventually forget.  It began as the digital baby book to replace the shoebox of memorabilia that I had never actually put in their real baby books.

And so, I began writing.  I went back and found all of the post-it note chicken scratches I had stashed away in a shoebox.  Then I painstakingly transcribed them into chronologically ordered blog posts.  And once I had that done, I wrote some more.

I didn’t post every week in the beginning.  But if something noteworthy happened with the kids that day, I’d jot it down onto a sticky so it wouldn’t be permanently lost in my mental vacuum.  And at the end of the day, it went into the blog.

I never envisioned anyone besides myself and possibly my immediate family would ever actually read it.

Anonymous changed all that.

After I had been writing for a few months, I got my first comment.  Left by Anonymous.  There was no email address.  Or link to a website.  And it wasn’t eloquently worded or verbose… just a few simple lines, and a smiley face emoticon.  But that comment changed the way I looked at my writing.

All of the sudden, I knew someone was reading.  And that knowledge has motivated me more than I can express.  When I’m tired.  Or sick of blogging.  Or simply unmotivated to put my thoughts into words.

I need to acknowledge Anonymous more often.  Because, I admit, I get caught up in numbers sometimes.  It’s hard not to.

Sometimes I’ll dash something off after I’ve had a few beers late a night.  And sometimes, the next morning, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that a) I don’t sound like a complete drunken idiot and b) there are 20 comments waiting for me.  In my book, comments are almost as good as beer.

Other nights, I’ll pour my little heart out into a post, and decree it the best thing I’ve written.  Ever.  And the next morning, I’m dismayed to find that either a) I do sound like a drunken idiot or b) there are exactly 0 folk(s) that had anything to say about it.

It makes me a little sad.  But really, it shouldn’t.  Because I know that even if they didn’t comment, Anonymous is reading.

And you never know who else is reading.  Every once in a while, I’ll run into a colleague at work, or get a note from a friend who said they enjoyed something I wrote the other day.  Interestingly enough, none of these people had ever left a comment.  Heck, I didn’t even know they knew I had a blog.  But something I had written in a semi-incoherent midnight blogging session either seemed funny enough, interesting enough, or absurd enough, that they took the time to mention it to me.

But back to the original Anonymous.  If you’re out there, Anonymous, I’d like to personally thank you.  You, my friend, are my favorite and first reader.  If you happen to be reading this, please leave me a comment with how I can get in touch with you, because I have a six pack of beer with your name on it.

I write for me.  But I also write for you, Anonymous.  Because you’ll never know how much that first comment meant to me.

Kludgy Mom

21 thoughts on “Anyone know how to reach Anonymous?”

  1. Awww…I really like this post. How we get motivated and how much comments really mean to us. I hope anonymous gets back to you. I must thank my close family and friends for being my first commentors and followers…they're the best!

  2. What a cute post! I think you did a great job with the assignment this week. I really hope your first commenter is out there. Still reading.

  3. Oh, I hate when I post something that I'm proud of, and not a single person says A THING. I'm still proud of the particular post, but it just doesn't have the same charm for me. I want to reach people. I love the friendships I have formed with those that have read my blog for years, and vice versa. Also? I always wonder who anonymous is, and what he/she thinks.

  4. I love this! Although we don't know who Anonymous is, I'm really happy that folks out there like Anonymous exist. It's so nice for you to acknowledge him/her in this posts, very creative!

  5. It's so nice to hear that someone out there gets you. I think that's why we become so attached to our comments. Despite the reasons we started blogging, which are usually just for personal reasons, we enjoy the connections made. I can't even believe how many amazing women I've met over the past 7 or 8 months because of blogging. Yay for encouragers and supportive Anonymous comments!

  6. You're right, comments are almost as good as beer. And the best comments are the verbal ones from people you didn't know were reading. But the best is still beer.

  7. K, this is ridiculous. I actually teared up. I'm not kidding. Knowing how much my first comment meant to you. I didn't have a blog back and I didn't have a profile…and you know what a hard time I have figuring any of the technical stuff out. So, you're welcome!Naw, it wasn't me. It totally could have been though. I'm not much of a beer fan but I think comments are as good as chocolate dipped caramel apples rolled in nuts! I'm so glad Anonymous left you a comment because I'm always so happy to read whatever you have to say. I prefer the kind that make me laugh not cry. Maybe it's just me.

  8. This was just what I needed to read – and I tweeted it to the world! You're right, affirmation and comments are the best. But there is a silent reading public too. Hell, none of my family or friends comment – just fellow bloggers.Loved this – and what a good reminder.

  9. i just read this and wanted you to know. now, i shall seek your first post. mine? was eons ago. first post i mean. first commenter, i gotta look.

  10. Perfect. My first comment was someone I knew. But I remember getting a comment from someone I had never met. It's kinda of weird to think that stuff you write is read by people all over the world. I feel you about the seeming randomness of which posts get lots of comments and which don't. I try not to over think that though. My son gives me great material to write about. Sometimes others agree sometimes they don't. Btw, I'm not Anonymous but will step up to accept the award on his/her behalf if no one else does.

  11. Cousin, I've been your number one fan since you dumped a bowl of malt-o-meal on yer head when you were 4! Seriously though, I do love reading your blog; you are one funny lady, make me laugh often and make me appreciate parents in a HUGE way!

  12. I LOVE that you gave a shoutout to Anonymous! I never would have thought to do that!! Great post, my blog came about the same way! I started writing for me, and suddenly I really got into when I got my first "real" comment (outside of my family). Made me feel great too, so I know the feeling!!Keep up the great writing!!

  13. Love this! I often see random people who have stopped by our blog via the Feedjit ticker but have no idea who they are – someone from Russia comes every couple weeks, interesting but a little weird!

  14. Comments are almost as good as beer. Comments read while drinking beer? Even better. Blogging while drinking beer can go either way, I've found.I love that you are giving a shout-out to good old anonymous! Once you realize that somebody is actually reading your stuff, it changes blogging forever. I know I always love coming here!

  15. This is so true. I'll always remember my first real comment: one that wasn't from one of my friends taking pity on the fact that I had "O" comments on my pathetic little blog. I still read the blog from the woman who left me that first validating comment, and I know I'll never forget her.This post was a great "prompt" of sorts. I think I will write a post myself thanking that person and thanking my other readers.

  16. What a sweet post! I am always surprised when someone mentions my blog. It's good to know people are reading even if they don't comment. Perhaps that's why I am obsessed with Google Analytics. I'm thankful for Anonymos too. Thanks to them, the rest of us get your continued awesome blogs

  17. I feel exactly the same. I didn't even know people commented at first until someone told me I had comments. Now, it's so gratifying to read what people have to say but even more pleasing to hear people unexpectedly tell me things. Really? They really care what we have to say? Isn't it great?

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