I’m a sucker for a bargain

These days, what can you buy for a quarter?

A quarter will buy you ten minutes at a parking meter.  Or “candy” from the vending machines in the women’s restroom.  Or 25 one cent stamps that you can use to offset all of those USPS rate increases.

Or, if you’re in the right place at the right time, a quarter will buy you one of these puppies:

(And yes, I’m referring to the sucker, not the kid.)

Imagine my amazement when I found these little gems at the grocery store the other day.  While the kids and I were waiting in line at the checkout counter, I saw them, tucked between the chapstick and Britney Spears in the magazine rack.

Lord only knows how long they had been sitting there.  My guess is a long time, because they had slowly been marked down from $2.50 down to the bargain price of 25 cents.  There they sat, positioned strategically at shopping cart height, waiting for some toddler to spy them.  And for some sucker of a mom to buy them.

That day, the sucker…who bought the suckers…was me.

Now normally, I don’t even consider buying stuff like this.  But the kids were being real troopers that day, and I wanted to reward them with a little treat.  Plus, you can’t beat that price.  25 cents?  It’s a bargain at twice the price, I tell you.  And I never turn down a bargain.

I now know from experience that a quarter can buy you:

  • A sugar-laden monstrosity that is your dentist’s worst nightmare.
  • 15 minutes of golden silence while said monstrosities are reduced to a mere stick and dripping, sticky puddles of goo.
  • 2 pairs of puppy dog eyes looking adoringly at you like you’re the best mom in the world. 
  • A sugar high like you wouldn’t believe.  And 45 additional minutes of saccharin-induced chaos.

And, despite the ensuing chaos, they were totally worth it.  Two quarters which were, quite possibly, the best bargain I ever found.

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15 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for a bargain”

  1. Oh, I would have paid BIG TIME for those suckers! The lollys, not the kids. You know, sometimes you just have to go for it….it's not like it will kill them, and it just might buy you some Mommy Points (NOT Martha Points, just so we're clear).I love that you think those 25 cent things in the restroom are "candy". I think of them as the Devil's Pogo Sticks.

  2. Awww.. the lollipop looks so yummy.. I too wouldn't mind getting one for myself to eat

  3. You know what? Candy makes people happy, it just does. And, while fillings are sort of a pain, they are worth the joy (and silence!) a big ole hunk of candy brings. Lemme tell you.

  4. That's definitley worth $.25! šŸ™‚ I wish I could pay someone a quarter to give me some quiet time right now! Stopping by from Mama Kats workshop.

  5. That was a bargain and half. Btw, do all women's restrooms have vending machines with candy for sale?

  6. *rummaging pockets for a quarter* YESSSSSS! I want 15 minutes of golden silence. Oh, and I guess I better pick up some flouride too.

  7. too true is all I have to say about this one! New to this world but lov;n the comic relief and familiarity of it all when your in the throws of parenthood.

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