Four random reasons I’m sticking with Blogger

You hear a lot in the bloggy world about how WordPress is so much better than Blogger.  And to that I say, “Pshaw.”

Now, I’ve worked extensively with both platforms.  And granted, WordPress can do some pretty cool things.  But for me, the clear choice is Blogger.  Here are four random reasons why:

Blogger is free

And I am nothing if not cheap.  The thought of paying money to self-host my blog does not sit well with me.  Because for the price of hosting, I could buy some eight cases of Bud Light.  Or that pair of shoes I’ve had my eye on.  Really, which would you pick?

Blogger gives me downtime

Once in a blue moon,  I’ll have issues with Blogger.  Like comments will randomly disappear.  Or posts will be lost.  Or I’ll be unable to view my blog at all.

Much like the Twitter fail whale, I actually embrace these issues.  They add hours back into my day, and give me an excuse to do something besides tinkering around with the blog.  I like to look at the positives in everything.

Blogger has some sweet widgets

While searching for widgets for the B2S/B2B challenge, I stumbled upon some random goodies.  I was delighted to find that Blogger has a plethora of gadgets to enhance the value of your blog.  Honestly, when you can choose between gadgets featuring Mr. T Quotes, random Winnie the Pooh images, and countdown clocks to the next Shrek movie release, it’s really hard to pick one.

However, I did find one little gem in my searches.  If you’re reading this on anything besides a reader, you may have noticed the little toolbar that displays at the top of the page when you scroll down.  I thought I’d try it out for a while, and it’s growing on me.  If you’d like to get your own, you can find it over at

Blogger is simple

Okay, so WordPress may have random options like threaded comments, widgets out the wazoo, and templates you can customize ten ways to Sunday.  Some people may see these as good.  I see them as time sucks.

Simply put, I spend too much time on my blog as it is.  I know that if I switched to WordPress, I’d spend all of my time customizing and tinkering around with random gadgets and gizmos, rather than getting anything done around the house.  The laundry would never be done, we’d order pizza most nights for dinner, and the house would be a mess.  And, trust me, none of that ever happens now with Blogger.

So, thank you, Blogger, for saving me hours of time. I love you.  I really do.

Kludgy Mom

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15 thoughts on “Four random reasons I’m sticking with Blogger”

  1. Oh good! A fellow blogger lover! I too was feeling like I missed the boat by not being on WordPress. I just wish I had a better comment plug in, something easy to use.Who knows, I may one day convert to WordPress but for now, I'm still such a newbie that Blogger is just fine!

  2. So, I can come out of the closet, too? Yay! I love blogger! It's EASY. I was starting to be convinced that I was missing out, and even started re-creating my blog over on wordpress, but I was like… this is TOO MUCH WORK. I'm heading back to blogger. I felt like I had to hid my head. Especially since I'm a geeky IT person. But No More! šŸ™‚

  3. you're cute! :)I definitely see some advantages to Blogger. You have done a really nice job with your site. IMO it does not look like a "blogger site." I had bee nwondering about those display bars I've been seeing on people's sites. Now I know! Thank you!

  4. Wait? The fail whale gives you MORE time? I usually end up breaking my F5 key refreshing to see if Twitter is back up. ;-P

  5. these are some rather "interesting" angles on the "pros" to staying with blogger. especially the downtime when blogger breaks.

  6. I think maybe I need some help from you getting my site to look less like a blogger site! I love this post! And I'm gonna get that toolbar I think!

  7. And here I was going to spend my day "migrating." Maybe I won't take that leap just yet and just work on my design.Thank you! (and no I haven't done my homework for b2sb2b, Gigi!)

  8. Is there seriously a Mr. T quotes widget? I want one. I'm still thinking of switching to WP but I keep hoping the blog designer who took my money and ran might come back and actually do the work I paid for. Then I could have a pretty page and I'd be less inclined to make the switch. I don't hate blogger, I just wish it was less twitchy. You did write a very nice love letter to it thought. Blogger will treasure it forever in the shoebox under it's bed! šŸ˜‰

  9. I would totally buy the Bud Light, and thank you for reminding me that since Blogger is free, I can afford more beer. (yea!)I love this post because you are validating me. I am a simple, cheap-ass woman, with a free blog and a fridge full of Bud Light. And you are my new hero.

  10. Mmmm, pizza.Thank you for helping decide what's for dinner as I sit in front of my computer, fiddling with my blog and ignoring responsibility.

  11. Funny thing is, I've never had any issues with Blogger. Seriously. Now that I've said that, I'll probably log on to find my entire blog has disappeared.Ah, well, it's free…I'll go with that.

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