The S Word: Sleepover

Bobo has a new bestie at preschool.

It thrills me to no end, because she’s naturally a bit shy, and has had a harder time making friends than I would have thought.  Plus, I really like this kid she’s friends with.  And his mom.

But it took me off guard a bit when she informed me the other night that she and said BFF were talking, and they unanimously decided to have a sleepover.

This sends me into a tailspin of questions.  Really?  A sleepover?  At four years old?  How did she even learn that word?  Whose house would it be at, anyways?  Are other kids having slumber parties at this age?

I’m thinking she’s too young.  As am I.  I’m already fighting a losing battle with my first few stray white hairs.  Surely, a sleepover would coax countless more into sprouting forth.

I’ve seen how the two play off of each other at school.  It’s like watching two little pinballs bounce off of each other in a machine.  My house is not big enough, or padded enough, to contain that madness.   Especially any time remotely close to bedtime.  And it’s work enough wrangling one four year-old into jammies and bed.  Coercing two little pinballs (one of which is not even my own) to brush their teeth and settle down for bed sounds like something for which I lack the patience.

And did I mention the BFF is a boy?

Not that it should be a big deal.  I mean, they’re four, for pete’s sake.  But for some neurotic reason, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with a co-ed sleepover at any age.  Silly, I know. 

The whole thing has me stumped, and frankly a little more flustered than I probably should be.  I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t bring it up again.

So I counter-offered, “Why don’t we just start with a playdate?”  Yeah.  That I can handle.

Plus, did I mention the fact that I like the mom?

10 thoughts on “The S Word: Sleepover”

  1. liking the mom is a nice bonus…though I am not prepared for a real sleepover till she is 8. Well not sure if I will be prepared, but I will know resistance is futile.

  2. I waited til age 7 for my son, but daughter? she is chomping at the bit, and girls start doing sleepovers here around age 5. So now that she's in kindy, it's on the horizon.I would never do a 4 year old sleepover, personally. Other people's kids can still be super annoying at that age when they're tired. :)

  3. Four's a little young, but only in the "not at home!" freak-out that can sometimes happen. If the 4 yo in question is an old pro, though, then you can only do one thing: buy extra insurance and order pizza.Which is really two things.Darnit.

  4. Say 'no!' I'm probably giving unsolicited advice here, but there's plenty of time for the world of sleepless sleepovers! Just wait. Tell the other mother YOU aren't ready. This way no hurt feelings.

  5. Wow, sleepover at 4? To be honest, they're probably just talking and not seriously thinking it through. I think your solution of the give it a playdate first is a great idea. Heck, I don't remember having a slumber party (or going to one) until I was 9. Kids are a little better at being away from home by then. I'm sure Bobo and BFF would have issues being away from home in a strange place overnight at this age, no matter what they say.

  6. whoa, i wouldn't be doing sleepovers either! and i hear ya about the co-ed thing. it wouldn't sit right with me, either.

  7. I think the play date is a great idea!! If you did let her have a sleepover at what age do you explain – no boys allowed?

  8. Good thing you like the mom, cause it sounds like you're going to be spending a lot of time with her! I don't think I'd be okay with a sleepover at that age. I have conflicting feelings about sleepovers at any age with all the seemingly normal child predators in hiding these days. Wowzas, it's just a crazy topic. I have boys – I'll likely never need to worry about it.Nice save with the play date idea though!

  9. Cute that they're such good friends but I'd be a little flustered too. Seems a little early! They could always have fun playing in a tent and pretending to have a sleep over on their play date and you and the other Mom could hang out!

  10. I like Dr. Mom's idea above. I do agree with you…I think sleepovers are a little too soon, and certainly they would create some more stray gray hairs. Is it me or does it seem like kids are growing up way too fast now-a-days? Stick to what makes you feel comfortable :)

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