Stick ’em up.

Yes, that’s a water gun my son is wielding.

Yes, it was filled.

He may be cute, but don’t let him fool you.  The kid shows no mercy.  Note the unmistakeably evil glint in those little puppy dog eyes, as he tries to stifle a mischievous cackle.

It’s not hard to figure out what happened after this shot was taken.  And no, I didn’t get a picture of it.  I was too busy wiping off the camera.  And my face.

7 thoughts on “Stick ’em up.”

  1. I'm thinking he could have a future in bank-robbing…get them all mushy with that cute face and smile, then BAM! Gimmee the money….Love water gun fights, by the way…as long as I'm armed!

  2. That is way too funny! I'm with Melinda – hope your camera survived! The dogs run and hide whenever Princess Nagger brings out her super soaker – they learned the hard way. 😉WW: Future Driver

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