I love you to Uranus and back

Sometimes, the things we teach our kids end up backfiring.

Case in point, a recent conversation with my daughter.  It went something like this:

Me: “Oh, Bobo, I love you to the moon and back.”
Bobo:  (Laughing hysterically at this).  “Momma, I love you to the stars and back!”
Me:  “Oh yeah?  I love you to Jupiter and back.”
Bobo:  (More fits of laughter ensue, then a pregnant pause.)  “What’s Jupiter?”

We take a time out from our verbal tete-a-tete to talk about the planets, where we live, and what some of the other planet names are.  In retrospect, teaching Bobo the planet names might not have been a wise idea. 

First off, apparently, Pluto is not even a planet anymore.

And hearing the words “I love you to Uranus and back” come out of my 4 year-old’s mouth?  Let’s face it, it sounds both funny and disturbing at the same time.  Maybe it’s my inner middle schooler, but I giggle every time I recall the conversation.

It’s for this reason, we don’t do the planet names any more.  All my kids need to know is that I love them to the moon.  Or approximately 238,800 miles.  And back.

9 thoughts on “I love you to Uranus and back”

  1. Uranus hysterical…..but I can't get over Pluto not being a planet…I might just have to teach that one myself! It was my favorite planet.

  2. Uranus. Whomever named that planet must have been on some wierd crap that day. Your post cracked me up. Thanks

  3. Oh, this takes me back!! I remember doing this song and dance when my son was small, and it was all I could do to NOT be all middle-school and bust up!Still can't get over Pluto….

  4. And depending on the size of Uranus, that could be a heck of a lot of love! 🙂

  5. this is really funny! and it reminds me of that rabbit book where the mom and baby nut brown hare have this same convo!

  6. Maybe it was all the Beavis and Butthead growing up, but I once told my daughter that the temperature rises quickly during the summer time on the planet Uranus just so I could hear her ask her mommy, "Is Uranus hot?" My wife was not amused.

  7. LOL, that's hilarious! I've started writing down some of these funny things they say so I can reflect on them later when they grow up. That one would be for the books. Tee-hee. Or, for Big Daddy, hu-hu-hu-hu she's said Uranus.

  8. Like Liz, this immediately reminded me of "Guess How Much I Love You." Love that book! Especially the time I overheard someone reading it to my son say Little Brown Nut Hare. Instantly transported me into a middle school giggle fest. We still laugh about it.

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