Five Things I Love About Summer

1. Going on vacation.  The long, kid-less type.  And then coming home again.

2. Savoring the feeling of cold ice cream sliding down your gullet.

Yeah, it’s good stuff, Chip.

3. Getting outdoors, and trying to find creative ways to tire out two rambunctious kids.  This particular day, it was by holding the race of the century in the back yard.  For the record, dad won, and wanted to stop.  The munchkins wanted to keep going.  Who’s tiring who out, here?

4. Enjoying chilled beers on a sultry evening.  It’s the definition of effervescent perfection… bottled.

5. Having bloggy friends who go on vacation and let me invade their house blog.  Today I’m guest posting at my bloggy friend Diane’s place, at The Perfectly Imperfect Life, where I get to talk about “Five Ways to Channel Your Inner Martha Stewart.”  If you’re in the mood for more lists, please swing by and check it out.   It’s a good thing.

18 thoughts on “Five Things I Love About Summer”

  1. That is one of the sweetest "Welcome Home"s I've ever seen! I just love the ice cream pictures, too!

  2. I LOVE the picture of Chip, so happy! Precious! Mmmmm…ice cream… I may just go have some right now…And for WOW…let's see…gullet, effervescent, rambunctious…

  3. Great pics, definitely an adorable welcome home. I've been wanting to try the lime bud light, it looks so good.Playing WOW…I found gullet, rambunctious and effervescent

  4. Now, Im not sure if I want ice cream or Budlite with lime… both are soo yummy. Damn, screw the diet, I'll start next week. LOL. The welcome home pic and your kids are adorable.

  5. Kidless vacations AND chilled beer AND ice cream? You are certainly leading the life. Can I come over?ps – you're kids are super cute

  6. ice cream makes the whole world a better place. on a hot summer day, it might even be better than sex.i mean, um…yay! ice cream!

  7. And we have rambunctious, effervescent and gullet. Summer days are awesome. I would like to skip winter in favor of it!

  8. Fantastic list of summer fun, love the pictures too! I even spotted a couple of WOWs in there…effervescent and rambunctious 🙂

  9. Living where you do, you must love having two days in a row without rain, too. 🙂

  10. I never get welcomed home like that, and I leave all the time! Oh, wait…maybe that's the problem.You're making me almost sorry summer is drawing to a close. Almost.WOW…gullet, rambunctious, and effervescent!

  11. Dang. It's only 9:30 and now I want a bud light lime. It's 5:00 somewhere, right?And I love coming up with random ways to tire the kiddos out.

  12. Love the welcome home message! Going away without them is awesome, but the coming home hugs are the best!

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