Poop, food, and a surprise nugget


It was so cathartic doing Friday Flip-Offs last week that I’m back for more.  This time, I’m keeping it short and sweet… and throwing in a little surprise at the end.  Here goes:

To the Diaper Genie in Chip’s room.  Flip off.  You clearly do not work in containing the stench, as it smells like something died in there.  If I could make one wish, Genie, it would be that you would actually do your job.

To Booyah.  I won’t flip you off, because I love you.  But smearing poo across the bathroom floor is simply unacceptable.  If you have a dingleberry, come see me, and I will help you take care of it.  In the meantime, flip off, poo smears.

And finally, to blog posts with pictures in it like this… flip off.

Let it be noted, my finger is not aimed towards the blog or the blogger, but towards these posts and photos that keep popping up in my Google reader late at night.

Because these pictures are evil.  I don’t even like chocolate that much, but I was still licking my computer screen.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been driven to late night snacking because this particular blogger wrote a food post that made me positively salivate.  Her posts have sent me downstairs to reheat the Mac ‘n Cheese I served my own kids for dinner… many a time.

With that, I’m giving Gigi at Klugy Mom an award of my own… the first ever Deliciously Evil Award.

There are no stipulations or rules with this award.  It has the cash equivalent of one meeelioon dollars.  And it comes with just one feeble request.

Pretty please, with organic whipped cream on top, could you please do a food post on carrot sticks and celery?  My butt would sure thank you for it.

12 thoughts on “Poop, food, and a surprise nugget”

  1. Hahahaha awesome flips! Love it! Sorry to hear about the poop smear tho'. Hope you'll have a great weekend.

  2. Don't EVER visit Pioneer Woman's Tastykitchen.com. Good Lord. It's food porn at it's worst. The last 3 weeks my menu has been dictated by those delicious pictures. And at least 3/4th of the meals involved a stick of butter and a pint of whipping cream.

  3. AHHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Best award ever!!! I lurve this!!! Thank you! I'm so honored. I'm totally laughing over here. You have no idea!I will pass it on with the dignity and evilness that it deserves.I think you're just ignoring all of the healthy meals I post, like the quinoa and vegetable salad. You just CHOSE to look at the ice cream cake :) that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  4. Ooh, love the Evil award!! I agree…those damn food posts always seem to appear when I am shutting down for the night…I was so happy to see my Diaper Genie go, but I'm pretty sure the years of diapers for two kiddos ruined it for whoever I gave it to!

  5. That is the coolest award I have ever seen. Hands down. You just put everyone to shame.

  6. Um. You're flipping off posts that contain pictures of delicious pastries yet you post a picture of a delicious pastry in your flip off post? I think you need to flip off your own post and then give yourself the Deliciously Evil Award. I'm hungry.

  7. Hahaha… thats a good one. Yes… I seem to have late night cravings as well. I guess I have to avoid both the computer and tv to keep my ass from getting bigger!I am now following… love your blog.All the best,Kim

  8. I am so with you on that flip-off to those blogs that post pics of big pieces of cake and pie, and freaking cupcakes! Flip-off junk food!

  9. "Yeah, baby!" That award is genius!!! And the graphic is hilarious. I just may have to start posting a seductive sweet treat every day…

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