What happens at Grammie’s, stays at Grammie’s

Except for when it doesn’t.

My husband took the kids down to Grammie’s for the weekend so mom could have a few days off.  He’s a good egg, that one.

Two things that did not stay at Grammie’s?

1.  The giant, three foot long snake that was won at the fair.  No household would be complete without one.

2.  A two pound bag of salt water taffy that mysteriously found its way home.  And visual proof that, while at Grammie’s, copious amounts of sugar are consumed.

Not that there was any doubt.  But now I have evidence.  And a giant orange snake.

We love you, Grammie.

And now, on to some bloggy stuff.

A few kind souls have given me some blog awards lately, and I’ve been remiss in getting a thank-you note written.  My mother would be shocked at my manners.  A big thank you to Lindsay at Barefoot Adventures and Ethnically Ambiguous for sending the Versatile Blogger Award, and Cameron at Ingenue Mom for the Cherry on Top Award.

Second, I’m kind of tickled that over the weekend, I became a made man in the Nerd Mafia, run by Liz, KLZ and Natalie.  I actually see myself more like Carmella Soprano, but mafia wives aren’t included in their hierarchy.  I’m still looking for a good place where I can proudly display this button:

word up yo,vocabulary meme,nerd mafia

And lastly, I have a little question for you.  Your eyes aren’t fooling you; I once again changed the colors/background on the blog.  I get bored easily, plus I like switching out the picture in the header now and then.  Since apparently I am not the only one reading this anymore, I am simply curious how others feel about blog changes every 2-3 months.  Is it:

  1. Fresh and fun.  I hated your last color scheme anyway.
  2. Annoying as all get out.  Just pick one and stick with it already.
  3. Not something I ever noticed.  I’m colorblind/so fascinated by the words I don’t look at the colors/only reading your blog through a feed reader.
  4. Of no consequence to me.  I’m only here to see pictures of my grandkids, anyway.

12 thoughts on “What happens at Grammie’s, stays at Grammie’s”

  1. Oh yes, my kids have a Grammy too…and copious amounts of sugar are consumed at her house, no questions asked! Then she sends them home….oh joy.I think the colors are cool, but now I feel lame because I can't remember what it was like just last week!! I love your header and blog name. Oh, and congrats on the whole mafia thing, maybe they will add wives at some point.

  2. Congrats on being a made man…even if you'd rather be Carmella. And I used to change my template every two weeks, until I got tired of doing it. So it doesn't bother me if you change it.

  3. I usually read you in google reader, so I don't notice, but I will check into the real blog now to see the new pictures!PS. I am down with the what happens at Grammy's stays there gig. Somebody has to spoil them!

  4. I'm kinda new to your blog. I like the checkered background. It reminds me of a table cloth at a picnic. I mean that in a good way. It does make me hungry though. Then again, everything makes me hungry.

  5. I like the colors…but have to admit I didn't notice the change. Spellbounded by your words I guess….I sent you a duplicate award sorry 🙂

  6. you're ticked?!?! hmmm…perhaps we need to plan a hit.i liked the blue, actually! kinda miss it!

  7. Okay, I had to respond to Liz's comment in public in order to take the gangsta hit off my back. I am TICKLED to be part of the Nerd Mafia. Apparently, spell check can't catch stupid mistakes.

  8. I think both looks were good…whichever you like better, you should stick with! :)The dreaded Grandmother's house. The place where all of our hard work gets undone 🙂

  9. I'm kinda a fan of change, but I never do it with my own blog because I know I would screw something up and not be able to un-do it. 🙂 And I love the sugar grin in the sucker picture! So cute!

  10. I read in bloglines so I don't really notice. However, when I do click over, I always think "What a cute site!". Congrats on your Mafia status upgrade!

  11. I love that you change it up every now and again. I think it definitely speaks of you…well, what I know of you from your blog, that is. 🙂

  12. I read you through an RSS feed so I only notice the changes when you comment on the fact that you've changed your blog again.But I like that you have the creativity to do it and everytime I see your blog, I wish you'd loan some of that creativity to me.

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