Is it Friday yet?’m feeling generally feisty this week, so I decided to join in on the fun of Friday Flip-Offs.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s where you write about things going on in your life that you want to give the virtual finger to.

Mom and Dad, you might want to skip over this one.

To the advice nurse who told me that a 104.5 degree temperature was no big deal.  Flip off.  Because it is a big deal for me, and the crumpled little heap of a toddler who felt pretty miserable.

To the meeting that was supposed to last 30 minutes, but instead ran almost three hours.  Over the lunch hour.  I would have flipped you off, but I was too weak from hunger by that point to raise a finger.

To the toilet in the guest bathroom that has suddenly developed a scary little gurgling noise, and never really flushes properly… flip off.  Literally.  I’m sick of hearing you run in the middle of the night.  Don’t make me pull out my pliers and extra socks in an attempt to try to fix you.  ‘Cause you know I will.

To my neighbor lady who lets her three kids (all under the age of 5) ride their scooters and bikes in the middle of the street while she sits on her porch checking her email… Flip off!  You’re putting your kids in danger.  And please don’t shake your fist at me to slow down even though I’m going under the speed limit.  You get a double fisted bird for this one, neighbor lady.

To the aunt that decided to come visit me after a two year hiatus, flip off.  Yes, I mean that aunt.  I’m suddenly missing being pregnant or breastfeeding.  To my aunt:  I didn’t miss you.  Not one bit. 

There.  I feel better already.  And boy, are my fingers tired.

24 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?”

  1. I loved each and every one of your flips. The toilet one, oh my goodness. Turn off the water valve at night that lets the water into the toilet. We had to do that for awhile. Its the only thing that saved my sanity.

  2. But you're a toilet pro! You can handle it! And sometimes neighbors suck. Don't you wish you could pick them? Just saw your button…I don't know if I have that one yet…

  3. You were dealing with fever too?! I got the exact same response to Tater's fever…no big deal – keep him hydrated. Ugh! It was a HUGE, scary deal!

  4. geez, I have a toilet in my pool bath that is doing the same thing. however, this happened AFTER the plumber came…makes no sense, right?Have a great weekend!

  5. I hate neighbors sometimes. Nearly all our neighbors let their kids just play in the street. Kids who are 5-8, sometimes even 3 or 4. Are they crazy?! So sorry about your aunt coming to visit…I had a two year hiatus, too, and it was awesome.

  6. Long meetings definately deserve a flip – i always find i either a) get hungry, b) get tired or c) my butt falls asleep and there isnt a damn thing i can do about it til the stupid meeting is over!

  7. If only I had time to write my flip offs right now I would probably be writing till Tuesday. What a long day.

  8. I hate when they say that's not a temp! Hello? It's 104! I'm worrying about it! I hate when they say not unless it reaches 105, then give us a call! WTF?

  9. You mean the neighbor lady seriously looked up long enough from her email to tell YOU you were driving too fast?Does something seem wrong with that picture?Great flips…glad you're joining in this week!!!!

  10. I hope your baby gets better! Oh my!And meetings that last 6 times longer than they should…there's no excuse for that!

  11. Great flips!! I just have to do this one of these Fridays…but I cracked up that you told your parents NOT to read them, because I would do the same! Neighbors drive me nuts sometimes, and that lady deserves a good flip!

  12. Oh, Booyah's mom. I feel so stupid. I kept clicking on your icon and getting your business, and didn't know where you were.I am thick as a plank.Anyway, somehow, for some blessed reason, I am here.SO NICE TO SEE YOU and I apologize but I"e been at your biz blog watchign for you there.Sadly, my on line life mimics my in real life, too. Day late, dollar short on brains.Nice to finally find you!

  13. Love them! Flipping everyone off with you… especially that person claiming to be a "nurse".

  14. great flips! why does everyone have a neighbor lady like that. 2 little kids probably 7 and 4 ride their scooters down the sidewalk, past our house and then 2 more blocks to the elem school. Assuming to play? alone. without parents. um, hello. the sickos come to the burbs to steal children.

  15. Fences make good neighbors, or so they say. Really? I hate that too! We live on a quiet street, but I still freak out about the bike riding in the street thing. All it takes is one idiot not to see you and there are plenty idiots out there…believe me. Great flips!

  16. Psh. People are lame. I may have to try out my little virtual bird one of these days…

  17. That kind of fever always seems like something to worry about! Why do they tell moms that? We rented a house in a neighborhood with lots of kids when we were building our house. A creek ran behind the house, and the neighbors just let their kids play unsupervised around that creek. Kids as young as 3. They even let those kids come in our house even though they'd never met me. They'd knock on the door and just let themselves in. Weirdest thing ever. For all the parents knew, we were cooking meth and making kiddie porn. Flip off to that craziness!

  18. Just wait until those kids are older and glaring at you because you are driving on the road they are trying to play in. I hate that, I'm in a car this is where cars go.. you need to get out of my way not the other way around.

  19. I am definitely going to start doing this on Fridays! Not sure I can do it as eloquently and profanity free as you did.

  20. Stopping by from my blog 🙂 Talking shop here… I think you could really do something with the Aunt Flo. Something like an open letter to her… Have fun!Erica

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