Poo-poo-pool time

Pacific Northwesterners are funny. 

No matter how much we moan and whine about the endless rain, when the temperature hits 85, we go on and on like the heat wave of the century has hit.

My family is no exception to this.  Hot weather turns the kids into frazzled, little hot messes.  And so, the air conditioning goes on, and stays on, until the temperature dips back into the respectable 70’s.

This weekend, when the mecury soared to a whopping 91 degrees, we decided to dust off the kiddie pool.  The kids had a blast.  They stayed in the pool all day Sunday, and only came out to eat, nap and go to the bathroom.

Actually, that last part isn’t entirely true.  As you can guess from the title (no, I didn’t stutter), we ended up with a little extra poo in the pool. (Yes, mom forgot to buy swimming diapers for the little one.)

But honestly?  That’s one hot mess I don’t mind cleaning up.  Especially if what I get in return are rejuvenated little bodies, cooler temperaments and wrinkled, happy kids. 

For that, I’m more than willing to fish out the occasional floater. 

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12 thoughts on “Poo-poo-pool time”

  1. Glad mine isn't the only kid who poops in the kiddie pool. Those suckers are kinda hard to fish out, no?

  2. Now why didn't I know that you ALSO live in the Pacific Northwest?

  3. Now THAT'S a hot mess! I'm laughing because my niece turned 2 this past weekend and there were 20-something little kids and three kiddie pools…..and one floater. Made me think of Caddyshack!The kids are adorable!

  4. Oh, Lula Lola, that is too funny! No, I didn't let it brew for very long.And Sherri… I actually thought about making a reference to Caddyshack. I only wish it would have been a candy bar.

  5. hahaha! Well, it's just part of being a mom, right? One of those underappreciated things we do… BTW, your kids are adorable!

  6. SOO cute! Love the photo! I'm right there with you and the air conditioning!!!!Stopping by from WoW! Love the "hot mess" post!

  7. Truer words have never been spoken!! I'll take a floater over grouchy kids any day ;)Thanks for linking up to Word Up, Yo!

  8. You Oregonians are big BABIES when it comes to the weather!! (i am one so i can say that.) Regarding the poo… i don't know how i've managed to avoid poo floating in water for two whole years. I'll thank my lucky stars!

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