What’s that?  You say rambunction isn’t a word?

Actually, until two minutes ago, I thought it was a clever term I made up, but according to Urban Dictionary, it is actually a word.  And you know, you can always trust everything you read on the internet.

Anyway, we have plenty of rambunction around our house.  As parents to two spunky, rambunctious munchkins, sometimes I think it positively oozes from the walls.  Especially after sugar has been consumed.

Our cure for rambunction?  We’ve enrolled Bobo in about every activity imaginable.  We’re not trying to create a future Wheaties box athlete, but at this age, we figure the more exposure she gets to different sports and activities, the better.

Also, the fact that she sleeps like a log on the days she goes to activities is a serious perk.

We started out with dance class.  The class was called “Creative Movement,” which is a fancy way to describe six little girls in pink tutus running maniacally around the room to the sound of music.  The tutu issue was actually almost a roadblock, as Bobo insisted on a blue, not a pink tutu  (thank you, eBay).  We stayed in dance class until just before the end of the year recital, when we realized that expensive costumes and makeup weren’t really something we were ready or willing to embark on with a 3 year-old.

(I have a blue tutu (size 3T) hanging in the closet if anyone needs it.)

Next came Soccer Tots.  This was a fun one to watch.  But if you think you can play soccer “Red Light, Green Light” with a bunch of preschoolers and not have every single one of them cheat when you have your back turned… well, think again.

And then there was the brief yoga phase.  I can’t imagine the skill it must take to get ten rambunctious preschoolers to be anywhere near meditative.  And apparently, it didn’t take too well with my own child, as she was only interested for a few days.  I do have to admit, though… it was pretty cute to hear her shout “Namaste!”

Her latest endeavor is Taekwondo, which they offer at preschool.  I admit I had mixed feelings about signing her up for a sport where kicking and punching were involved, but so far, she hasn’t attempted to try out any of her new moves on Chip.

Funniest moment so far?  We were driving home from preschool, and I asked what her teacher’s name was.

She thought for a split second, then answered matter-of-factly:  “His name is Yes Sir.”

I think we have a winner.

And, as you can see, we’re still searching for the cure for preschool rambunction.

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9 thoughts on “Rambunction”

  1. Love the use of the Word of the Week!! I love Urban Dictionary…She has a lot of fire, that little one, and I love to see how many great ideas you have for tiring her out!

  2. That is THE perfect activity for a child full of rambunction!! :) The yoga teacher must have the patience of a saint!

  3. The video is adorable, and I love her answer for the teacher's name. I actually think the teacher wouldn't mind the answer either!

  4. What a cutie! "Rambunction" is why we didn't teach karate to anyone under 5, and the 5 year old were on a case by case basis ;) Great Word Up, Yo!

  5. Heck, yeah, rambunction is a word! Her name for her teacher is great. Cracked me up! I'm a new follower…found you through Theta Mom and Word Up, Yo.

  6. Toddler Yoga, huh? I'm impressed. I might have to try that. We need to find someone's inner peace, believe you me.

  7. I've been talking about signing M up for TKD for a year now. She doesn't want to do it. I keep trying to convince her that she would like it because she would GET to shout and make really loud guttural noises.

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