She drew a picture of my heart

Each Friday when I pick Bobo up from preschool, I collect the stack of artwork and projects that have accumulated in her little labeled folder over the week.  When we get home, we talk about the pictures, occasionally reattach any stray pompoms and macaroni pieces, and display the best ones on the refrigerator.

Until recently, the drawings sent home have been unintelligible scribbles and blobs of colors.  And then, an amazing transformation occurred.  Seemingly overnight, the art projects started resembling recognizable shapes and forms.

Recognizable to a trained preschooler’s eye, that is.  Some have been easy for me to figure out.

Like rainbows…

 …and flowers…

… and people.  This one, by the way, is me:

And others have required some translation of the artist’s intent. 
Like this one, which I wrongly presumed was either a sunshine or a jellyfish:

… but, as it turns out, was actually another portrait of me.  Apparently, when I was having a bad hair day.

Or this one, which I admit made me do a double take:
…until Bobo explained to me, with some amount of of exasperation in her voice, that this was actually a dogbone.  Well, duh.  Of course it is.  Get your mind out of the gutter, mom.

I didn’t have to try to decipher this one.  Bobo couldn’t wait to show this to me…

…and explain that it was a picture of our family.  From left to right, it’s Bobo, Momma, Chip and Daddy.

Four little circles, some lines and a partial signature by the artist.  She didn’t know it, but she actually drew my heart on that paper.

Without a doubt, that’s one for the refrigerator.

3 thoughts on “She drew a picture of my heart”

  1. Isn't it great when the capture their life on paper. I remember my daughter's first family drawing..and they just get better. The issue is finding wall space. I end up scanning them all in and use them as a screensaver for my PC!

  2. you are so sweet to make her feel so special about her artwork. I totally see the resemblance to her "bad hair day" portrait to the picture you posted of you with bangs when you were a teen. :o)

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