Oh, snap!

I suck at snappy comebacks.

When I find myself in a conversation that gets my panties in a bunch, I get so emotionally caught up in the moment, my tongue gets tied.  I freeze.  I walk away feeling like there are so many words left unsaid.  Then I stew, fret and obsess.

And finally, hours or days later, I come up with the perfect comeback.  I find the words that are witty, insightful and poignant (to me, at least).  And, of course, by that time, it’s too late.  The only one who even remembers what initially prompted the comeback is me.

Verbal comebacks are not my thing.

But apparently, I’m good at the other type of snappy comeback.

You know, the kind when you vow to quit something (like, say, blogging), decide after a whopping four days in that you really can’t stay away, and then reappear on the scene like a teenage drama queen.  That kind of comeback.

Last week, I wrote about taking time off from blogging.  About feeling overwhelmed by too many pots on the stove.  About needing a break and simplifying.  I decided to put writing temporarily on hold.

I was thinking about taking anywhere from 3-6 weeks off.  I did.  Turns out, those weeks were just measured in dog years.

In retrospect, the whole withdrawal thing probably would have gone over a lot better if I would have removed Google Reader as my homepage.  Do you know any recovering shopaholics that spend their day hanging out at the mall?  I do.  They’re the well dressed ones who found all the best deals.

The truth is, after about 48 hours, I started to miss it.  Maybe it’s the forbidden apple syndrome, but seeing the blog and not being able to use it suddenly made me really how much I like having it in my life.  And, in my own little melodramatic way, I think I’ve grown to actually need it.

What else has changed in seven days?  Lots.  And nothing.

I haven’t been on Blog Frog or Twitter for a whole week.  I think I’ve been on Facebook two times since then, which is a record for me.  I’ve suddenly found some missing hours from every day I forgot I had. 

I’m also learning to accept the fact that I will never, in this lifetime, see the bottom of my Google Reader box.  I actually deleted everything in it, and started from scratch.  It was a little sad, seeing all of those not-yet-discovered little gems disappear.  But it also felt cleansing.

I can’t read the entire internet every night.  And I can’t reply to all comments or visit every commenter’s blog like I want to.  I have to be okay with that.

This past week, I’ve come to realize just how much time I spent in the evenings (after the kids had gone down for bed) commenting, writing, networking, or just dinking around aimlessly on the internet.  I would sit down for a few minutes, and it would turn into hours without me realizing it.  I’ve been able to physically turn off the computer, back slowly away, and go spend some time doing something meaningful with my better half.

This week, our meaningful activity has been to have Jay whomp me at Frogger on the Playstation.  I’ve discovered I like getting whomped.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I hate losing.  But I’d rather be trounced by Jay than anyone else.

And so, I’m tentatively venturing back in to something I really like.  I’m going to take it one day at a time, and try not to lose sight of why I’m doing this.  I’m going to attempt not to change things I have no control over.  I’m going to try to not stew, or fret or obsess.

Maybe, by doing that, I’ll find the right words.  Maybe, this snappy comeback will be a meaningful one.

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18 thoughts on “Oh, snap!”

  1. It took me a while but now I faithfully switch off my PC at night ..and cut back on blog visitations/comments.. so I can spend more time with the kids.

  2. I hear you about those minutes turning into hours. I have had to force myself to finish all other chores, etc…before sitting down at the computer because I know I can never make it out in under an hour.Good luck on that comeback!

  3. I'm horrible in the moment of what to say, too… YES! ALL THE PERFECT things come AFTER the FACT! UGH!I'm horrible on the computer!! I am WORKIMG at my computer MUCH… and as I wait for steps to save… I get distracted… a LOT!! Yeah… Maybe I should go to bed now, It's only 5:20am…"DAWN: Nature's way of reminding you to GO to BED!" G'Night!! ;p

  4. I can definitely relate to the time warp of the internet! I'm also trying to get a better grip on things and manage my time more efficiently. But after a crazy day I really miss those few minutes (er, hours) to myself and the great reads I find. Glad to see you back!

  5. Today I just decided to skim through my reader and not comment on anything – just to save time. And here I am, commenting. I don't know how those women who get fifty comments on every post do it. How do they reply to every single one? Why do they? Sometimes I find it annoying to get a response to my comments. Like when all I said was, "Hey, that's cool!" and they feel like they have to reply with a "Thanks! I know – it blah blah blah." Seriously – save it – I'm good!OK, tangent. Sorry. I love the writing and expressing part of blogging, but I'm starting to dislike all the other parts. Feeling obligated to comment, sifting through eighty posts in my reader every day, that pressure to respond to comments via e-mail when i think that the comments section is fine, if anything…Anyway – just keep writing, cause I'm reading. It's ok to forget the rest some (all) days.

  6. Oh, I hear you, I hear you. I keep trying to unplug, but alas, cannot do it. But hey, I'M glad you're back!

  7. Finding that balance seems to be hard for everyone, I'm noticing! I've been blogging for a few months now, and I am seeing how you can just get sucked in! I find new blogs that I enjoy, so I want to keep up on their latest posts….but maybe I have a post squirming around in my brain too.Maybe a week was all you needed for a fresh perspective! Hey, at least you could blog about it!

  8. I am so like that. I think best when I am away from the situations. Why can't all confrontations happen via email?

  9. Well, I for one am glad you're back! :-)I've taken a hiatus from my computer this past week as well. I haven't even wanted to touch my computer at home, since I'm on it non-stop at work.Tonight I sat down for a few minutes and I'm still here (I know, sounds familiar).BTW, I am hereby giving everyone permission to NOT respond to every comment you get on your blog. I know we like to be nice and show our appreciation, but it's not necessary and it's not how the rest of blogland works.

  10. First of all, I'm a new follower. Just throwing that out there. ;)http://goobergrapemonkeyman.blogspot.comAnd you're right. I can't think of a snappy comeback at first. EVER. It's usually hours or days after the fact, and then I feel like a dumb ass because it took me that long to think of something witty :P

  11. I kick myself if I think of something later on that I SHOULD have said.I know what you mean, bloggywise. I tried to figure out some things to help me, and I have definite times where I close out TweetDeck and my email because I find them so distracting…too easy to get off track when something new pops up. I also only to go BF a few times a day, and then close it out. Those things have helped me.

  12. Oh I'm afraid to look at my Google Reader…ouchy! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Enjoy your 4th July weekend! :D

  13. I was totally drawn to your blog because of a comment you made about Pepto-Bismol on another blog. Pepto & I go way back and are super close. Well, I wish we were closer, but I am not always in need of a visit from him. I always look forward to nights of stomach-wreckin' food b/c I know that I'll see Pepto again… It's late and I have apparently lost my mind. I enjoyed your posts! I know what you mean about needing to kiss "Blog" goodbye but then missing him just the same. I hope you can find the balance! I'm still working on that part…

  14. It's funny, I was visiting your blog the day you said you were going to give blogging a break. Now i'm back because I saw that you received an award…Glad to see the addiction won over because you really are a terrific writer and have alot to contribute. BTW I totally get the snappy comeback thing: I usually think of mine at 2am, then I'm up till 4am wondering how I'll be able to deliver it. Congrats on your award, and stay in there, the world needs alot more you and a lot fewer snappy comebacks :)

  15. You have no idea what a relief it was to read this post! I'm trying to visit everyone who stopped by and commented on the post I wrote for Theta-Mom's blogoversary, I'm only halfway through my list, and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time online… especially since this is supposed to be a time of rest and slowing down. So glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't keep up. Maybe I'll take the pressure off.But only after I add you to my Google Reader. :D

  16. You don't come up with snappy comebacks??? I would think you would be the queen. Just because you are so good at expressing yourself and you're so witty. Surprising. I'm glad you're back in the saddle because I love reading your posts. Hoping you find your balance and that you don't get any more snotty comments.

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