Got Mac?

Kids menu.  Play area.  Beer.

My definition of a good restaurant has sure changed since I had kids.  Except for the beer part, that is.

Chip and I had a date night out the other day while Jay and Bobo went to see Shrek.  Chip enjoyed making a macaroni mask and, amazingly, even managed to get some in his mouth.  We’re still working on the fork thing, but it’s coming along.

I took these pictures at Fanno Creek Brew Pub, one of the places we frequent as a family.  They have all three of my above criteria for a good restaurant, so we go there pretty often.  I also designed their new logo, so I get free beer … at least until my gift certificate gets depleted.

Yes, I’ll work for beer occasionally.  Please don’t tell my boss.

2 thoughts on “Got Mac?”

  1. Fart Machine–no. Beer–Yes. Duly noted! I might try the macncheese mask, maybe that's the secret to baby smooth skin.

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