Bobo bares all…

…well, at least from the waist down. When I picked Bobo up from preschool today, there was a note in her folder from Miss L, her teacher. Apparently, my daughter decided to BA the entire preschool class during circle time.

My initial reaction to this was mixed; I was both amused and slightly horrified at the same time.

Why she chose to do this (or where she learned this, for that matter), I have no clue. My subsequent third degree questioning did little to glean any other details about the incident, and I suspect my “We keep pants and undies on at all times” lecture might have fallen on deaf ears. Although, I know she got some of it, because she did interrupt me mid-lecture to ask “But what about if I have to go potty?” After which, I amended my lecture to be “We keep pants and undies on at all times, except when we go potty.”

I am glad she got clarification on the issue.  Here’s knocking on wood that the pants stay up tomorrow.