Well, yes, wedgies do suck. Now get back in bed.

Bobo has been resisting bedtime the past few weeks.  Her usual excuses range from getting a drink, having to go potty (even though we went just before bedtime), we forgot to give her a hug AND a kiss, yadda yadda yadda.

My favorite is when she’ll bound of out bed five minutes after we put her down, saying she had a nightmare.  I don’t even think she knows what a nightmare is, but she heard us using the word a few weeks ago, and she’s latched onto that as an excuse to get out of bed.

I actually just put Bobo back into her bed for the 3rd time tonight.  Her first two attempts at stalling were pretty lame, but her final excuse was a goody.  This last time, she came running out of her room screaming “My undies are going into my crack! I can’t sleep, my undies hurt!!”

Really, how can you argue with that?  I’ve been there myself… wedgies are no fun.  I put on my best stern face, helped dislodge the offending panties, and send her back to bed, where she stays put this time (as do, coincidentally, the undies). 

Sometimes, it’s pretty hard being a disciplinarian when you are laughing so hard.