You want to see WHAT movie?

I had to refrain from laughing at Bobo when she said she wanted to go see the “Alvin, Semen and Theodore” movie today.  After I corrected the name, J and I decided to divide and conquer the kids; he stayed home with Chip, while Bobo and I had a girl’s day out.  The Chipmunk movie was actually pretty cute, and we had a good time. 

Although, I have to say, Bobo is a pretty expensive date.  I hadn’t been to a movie in a while, and it shocked me what they’re charging these days.  $7.50 for a kid’s matinee ticket… really??  We hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we stood in line for popcorn and hotdogs.  Whoosh, there goes another 20 bucks.  It’s highway robbery, I tell you. 

I remember when I was a kid, and we used to go to the movies for $1, AND they let you bring in your own grocery bag full of home-popped popcorn.  It’s true.  And we didn’t even have to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to the theatre…